Add a "Details" tab to Artist Pages

This concept was originally suggested by Dvipe19 on his Ideas Topic here, so credit to him. 

I think this is such a good idea, I am going to give it the glory of its own topic and some nice pictures! 🙂 


It would be very useful, if Spotify included a "Details" Tab on Artist Pages, like below:


new idea artist details.png


In this new tab, it would be possible to view all of the artists tracks, in a list fashion, just like in the search results pages meaning they are sortable!!


new idea sort by popularity.png





Updated: 2016-03-14


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I think this idea is awesome and comparably easy to implement. It would make many things easier and reduce search and click activities in many scenarios. Great thought!

The best part about this idea is it simplifies searching for common song names by artist. For example, if an artist has an obscure single with an overused name, like "Love," I don't have to scroll through 8 albums and 200 single albums to find it (or not find it). Great idea!


Love this idea.  May I also add that it contain a complete discography of the artist - whether or not it is on Spotify or local files.  It is a pain to have to go out to a site such as wikipedia to find out an artists actual discography and will help cure those confusing moments when you think that you KNOW a particular artist sang a particular song, but can't find it...


EDIT: I thought I would bring a relevant comment from another post here as well:


I think that I have worn out the Kudo buttons in this thread.  As I have been reading from this idea forum, I am not seeing many posts on how to be more social media friendly - rather how to better organize music in a way that was originally intended by the artist.  (ie. albums)  This is where your R&D money should be invested!!!  I have said this on a different thread, but I will mention it again here, because they get it very well - yet have nothing to do with providing content.  Wikipedia discographys are nearly perfect in this regard - IMO.  


They list albums - in order that the were originally released - and make the differentiation from full studio releases, EP's, and compilation/remix albums.  If you want the album track list, you click on an album.  As a previous post stated, a classic rock album did not release in 2010.  I can't tell you how many times I have listened to songs in a playlist that I have thown together, only to find that the song is a **bleep** version - ie. not the original/known album version.  


Then it lists all officially released singles - by album. It also contains a listing of collaborations (featured artist), which you cannot find in spotify. If they are not the primary artist, you can't find their songs on their own artist page.


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This is so obvious. It is incredibly frustrating that to sort tracks by popularity or alphabetically one must type in the artist's name (and cannot instead use a link to the artist page).


This is especially time-wasting when one is attempting to migrate 100s or 1000s of tracks from iTunes and listens to a lot of trance/EDM genres, in which there are tons of remixes and instances of tracks appearing on many albums. I can use a third-party app ( to auto-convert my playlists from iTunes, but then to find the radio edit or whatever precise version of the track I want, I cannot simply click the artist's name in my new playlist; I am forced to type it in the search box, defeating the purpose of auto-generating the spotify playlist.


LIMITING the user to sorting by album on the artist page is STUPID. Why can't I just click on "Top Tracks" on the artist page and get a sortable list of that artist's tracks?? It's just a simple database query. So.. GD.. obvious.


PS - If there is an older version of Spotify in which you could do this, please let me know.

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Hey folks! As this artist pages idea hasn't received an update in sometime, we wanted to jump to say this still has the 'Good idea' status. We don't have updates or plans for this in the near future, but we'll update you here if that changes. Thanks for leaving your feedback here in the Community!

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Yesterday I posted this in New Ideas:

"I'm not seeing a way to see a list of all the songs by an artist. By alphabetical order I presume."

Marco said it's a duplicate idea and said this thread covers it.

But I'm saying nothing about a Details tab.

And I'm not just talkng about Top Tracks.

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Please read the first post of this topic here: "In this new tab, it would be possible to view all of the artists tracks, in a list fashion, just like in the search results pages meaning they are sortable!!"

I think that covers your idea pretty well. 😉

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I'm new so I might need some directions. But the artist page is not the search page, which is my obvious point.

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