Add ability to Add custom artwork to playlist

Currently the only option is to allow Spotify to make a collage with 4 of the alums, it would great to be able to add our own custom artwork to the playlist to make it more personal. 


EDIT: this idea is a part of the following,

and thus can be deleted by whoever has the ability to do so. Thanks for the heads up AnothonyB!

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I can't change the status of this idea so hopefully someone will do this for me, but for anyone else who sees this idea before it is edited by someone who can; it has already been submitted as part of this one:


Anthony :)

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Hi Guys

To create a good playlist there are 3 essential ingredients in my opinion: theme,content and artwork. The only place I can currently create all 3 is on . I genuinely believe if you were allowed to create your own playlist artwork it would not only give your page a better look but would also give the playlist more identity.