Add scrobbling support for Windows Phone 8 app

The new Windows phone 8 app is missing the support for scrobbling. This can be a dealbreaker for many spotify users and I see no reason why not to support it because it should not be a very complicated feature to add.

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I'd really like to have scrobbling support in the WP8 app as well. It hurts that my stats get skewed when playing on my new wp8 phone now.



Not applicable integration is a key feature for me.

If it is not supported in all spotify apps, I will look elsewhere.

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As a user, I know it's frustarting wne you listen something and your plays are not counted... I do not have Windows phone, but I add Kudos to this Idea because I feel that is must have feature in any Spotify app.


I use Spotify with new Samsung Galaxy Xcover (old model) and I'm happy with this. Purchased also another SIM card with cheap Unlimtied 0.5M dataplan so my musicplayer phone can scrobble and stream online.


Xcover - my Spotify music player with data plan in


Paying for data is worth every cent when you can scrobble your music, you're also free of downloading, searching and transfering music using cables and of course you save money!!! When you can listen all the music from Spotify.


Sadly my Elisa teleoperator doesn't provide cheap data plans in voice anymore, so I purchased what I need from DNA. Coverage is better in Elisa network, but there is need for 320 kbps Spotify (I love deeper bass!!!). So less 3G in Finland with DNA, but cheap price, this is reliable package for my musicplayer smartphone 😎 Only 5,90 € in month Unlimited 0.5 Mbps data from DNA. In Elisa only packages with no-need voice and sms packages and data. But I need only data...


So I upgraded my Elisa to cheapest plan so I can use it in my another simplephone.


I would really like to stay with Spotify... but as it stands now I'm looking into other options (like Deezer) since it's quite frustrating to pay the full monthly fee and not get the same options as other users. Please add support to the Windows Phone 8 app ASAP.


Yes I need this! There is an app for WP8 to scrobble your music to that costs some money. I bought it and thought it can scrobble through Spotify app but apparently it didn't.


i totaly love spotify and have been a premium user since day one. I totaly need this feature,,i bought a new phone last week and now i need to go back to my own android phone due to that your app dont scrobble.


A musik app that dosnt scrobble is worth nothing for me.

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This has been here for months and nobody does nothing? I dont think its worth to pay full price to not get all features.


It does not make any sense for me to pay for Spotify if I can't scrobble from my Windows phone to I will definitely move to Deezer or Wimp or any other service which does not lack this feature (which is essential for me).


Just got a windows phone and i am PISSED that the spotify app doesn't scrobble. WTF spotify?!


It's kind of ridiculous that none of the streaming music services support scrobbling on Windows Phones. This feature should be standard!