Add scrobbling support for Windows Phone 8 app

Status: Case Closed

The new Windows phone 8 app is missing the support for scrobbling. This can be a dealbreaker for many spotify users and I see no reason why not to support it because it should not be a very complicated feature to add.

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We're marking this as 'case closed'.


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I'm considering quiting premium since I switched phones and found out that this feature is missing 😞

I still can't believe I won't be able to scrobble my music from now on 😞


Please this is a very important feature for many users!!!

Yes we need this!

Please, add this.


Please, I need this.


To me, lack of scrobbling/ support is one of the major downsides to Spotify on WP, and I'm sure it's a dealbreaker for some as well. I'd love to see this feature added.


Without the ability to scrobble, this app becomes much less valuable to me and almost negates the desire for me to pay for premium. Please enable support.


Two features I'm really missing: Scrobbling and Using it to play my mp3s in music folders of WP 8.1. 😕

I used to sign Xbox music pass, which is very similar to spotify, but then i had some issues and got an Android while i couldnt get my WP back. As i really enjoy music, signed spotify, and it showed me it was a way better than Xbox music pass (the social network thing, the playlists, the intelligentsia design, and more). And now that im going to take my WP back i discovered the APP for WP is way **bleep** ter than the Android onde, please, fiz at least the lastfm scroblling thing :((

Scrobbling please, hope supported in 2015.