Add scrobbling support for Windows Phone 8 app

The new Windows phone 8 app is missing the support for scrobbling. This can be a dealbreaker for many spotify users and I see no reason why not to support it because it should not be a very complicated feature to add.

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Just found out about Spotify not having a built-in scrobbler in wp8. Sounds really weird.. I thought that all Spotify apps were pretty much the same. Why is this feature missing?

Please fix this. Without the scrobble function Spotify is pointless and totally useless from my point of view.
Are wp8 users ignored by Spotify?
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And still this lies here, and noone from the spotify does anything on it. It's a shame, i don't think im the only one who feels a bit betrayed. Isnt this site here to improve spotify and get most of the app for the users?


Strange, because it seems such a simple improvement though

Seems like spotify doesn't care much about their wp8 users. It's sad really, I totally stopped using Spotify for the lack of a lastfm scrobbler in it.

Agreed, unfortunately I had to cancel my Spotify subscription because of this. I'm not going to pay for a barely working mobile app.


I honestly don't understand the lack of care going on with the Win Phone 8 app. Scobbling seems like a thing (a couple of API calls) that can be easily implemented. What gives?

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They just don't care a **bleep** about Windows Phone 8.


They even don't care about Windows Phone 7...


I am really disappointed about this fact. I hope you can get it working soon, Spotify!

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My guess is that the app has been developed by Microsoft and not by Spotify, and as MS does not know what scrobbling is, this will be difficult. 😉 See e.g. the same requests for adding scrobbling to XBox Music in its different forms.