Add "Local Files Syncing" to Windows Phone App


as the WP8 App is still in beta and the IOS and Android have that feature,why not adding it to the Windows Phone App,too?

Spotify has a lot of music but some artists and songs are missing (AC/DC,for example).
Instead of switching the music player app,when I want to listen to one of those tracks or albums,it would be great if Spotify could also make the WP Users happy by implementing this feature.Please,don't exclude us.

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I second this motion.


Yes please add this feature 


please add this feature it is very important to our spotify experience.  if moved from ios to wp8 and this is the only dissapointing about the phone iv had.  please help us out


Yes please add this. It's pain in the ass to switch out from spotify to listen some Amon Amarth.


I posted about this very same thing on the WP7 version over a year ago and I still haven't seen a response. I still think it's ridiculous that they haven't been able to add this feature in all this time and frankly have lost hope.


I don't think they care about us WP users, which I think is extremely disappointing from a company as highly esteemed and resourceful as Spotify.


Not even going to get into the decision-making behind cutting off support for the WP7 Spotify app...

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BlackBerry has never had local file synching either. 




It's very important to have local file support for wp8.

I like AC/DC and I can't listen to them on spotify, nor listen to their music (already brought) that I have on my mac.

I alvays need to use the music hub and this is annoying.



YES PLEASE!!!! Musicians need to view local files on WPapp.... i need to be able to hear local files: my original recorded compositions and others so that i can share with other musicians and learn tunes etc.... i want these files on me 24/7... i don't want to drag my laptop around with me 24/7! please add this.


Please add this feature! I Want to have the music that is not on spotify on my phone and dont want to change apps to play this. Please add the Sync feature to windows phone!