Add spotify Apps and radio in the iPad app

It would ne great to be able to use all spotify features on an ipad and not to use à computer everytime we want to use spotify Apps or radio.

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Yes that is my believement too.


And iPhone too.


Check out SpotON for iPhone. It does the Radio stations using your Spotify account!

I know but I also use and spoton doesn't support it would be better to have everything in one app.
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I'll also add a request for the  spotify ipad app to support internet radio.  I listen to radio stations I set up on my PC when at home, but when on the road, i cannot access them from the spotify ipad app.  I have not cancelled my account to the (P word) competitor yet, as right now I can only share home/mobile radio stations with that service.  I do not want to pay for 2 services, so one is going to be cancelled once I complete my consideration of switching to Spotify.    Am I missing how to enable radio stations on my ipad, or is that capability coming (very) soon?


thanks for the info.

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Radio is now on the iOS version of Spotify. Pop over to the App Store to get your freshly baked update!



Hello there,

We just marked this as "Unspecified" since there are two ideas here.


*The Radio is already implemented on the iPad, so we mark it as "Implemented"


*There is an idea already requesting the "Spotify Apps in other platforms", add your kudos and comments if you want to see this built!


Thanks a lot for your contribution and feedback, we really appreciate this :)


I, too, would like to see Spotify Apps enabled on other platforms like the iPhone and iPad. I probably listen to music from the Apps (like Pitchfork) more than any other source. Thanks!

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I'm currently a free user of Spotify and I'm thinking about becoming a premium user. If Spotify makes the Spotify apps available on iPhones (and iPads), I'll sign up. My main interest is in discovering new music but I find that 'radio', whether Last FM or Spotify, doesn't work for me. Apps like Share my Playlist and Pitchfork however often come up with something I like, and I probably now use Spotify for this more than anything else. Having them available on iPhones and iPads therefore becomes critical in deciding whether to go for the premium service.
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As mentioned, radio got implemented on ipad.
If you want apps on the mobile devices, check out this idea here:

Add your kudos there please! ;)