Add to Anything to Queue on Long-Press in Mobile App.

The one thing I don't like about Spotify Android is that I seem to only be able to Queue one song at a time. Anything (Playlist, Album, Artist, Track, Search Result etc...) should have an "Add to Queue" item in the long-press menu.

Updated on 2018-06-15



with the latest mobile App Updates, that should be implemented.

If you can't queue an Item, please create a new Idea for it after searching in the Ideas Exchange. 😉

How is this not available at least for adding 'album to queue' - seems like an obvious feature
Yea. Same thing has been bothering me for ages. You used to be able to que from saved playlists then they updated the software and the option disapeared. Very annoying
Why this option has not been added yet? What's the inconvenient?
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Thank you! Lets please make this happen.

Yes please. This is a great feature that was even in the Creative Juke Box (predecessor of the iPod). Seems strange to not have it.
This has been bothering me for a long while now and it's the reason I still store music locally on my phone as well. I like the whole ideology of Spotify a lot and I'm glad to pay for it, but you're making me doubt my decision when you don't have primitive functions like the queueing of playlists or albums included in your software, which has been out for years now.

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+1 Please do something to add 2 or more lists in play queue


Why has this not been done yet?


We need this Spotify!! 


Listen to your customers?



When is this happening?!
This is a bother both in the android version and the desktop version. Play queue must be accessible at all levels as suggested in this post 4.5 years ago!!!!!!