Add to Anything to Queue on Long-Press in Mobile App.

The one thing I don't like about Spotify Android is that I seem to only be able to Queue one song at a time. Anything (Playlist, Album, Artist, Track, Search Result etc...) should have an "Add to Queue" item in the long-press menu.

Updated on 2018-06-15



with the latest mobile App Updates, that should be implemented.

If you can't queue an Item, please create a new Idea for it after searching in the Ideas Exchange. 😉

How the crowd is using the mobile apps? I can't believe this. So I'm missing this feature since the first premium day. Please developers fix this for better user experience...
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Add ability to queue album or artist please.
100% agree with this request. I just got my spotify free trial and if this feature is not implemented I likely will not pay for it. Being able to Queue a full album is something that has kept me going back to Google Music.
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Yes please improve the queue logic. I never get what I expect when queueing songs--songs often repeat, old song suddenly appear even after supposedly resetting it by starting a new album from the top.


Please add this!


I was a Spotify user from 2011 - early 2014, when I swtiched over to Google Play music b/c of the ability to upload albums they didn't have to the cloud and integrate them into your Google Music library. 


Well yesterday I switched back to Spotify because of Google's shoddy iOS app and the fact that I just like Spotify's interface and personalization better. 


I had never actually used the Queue function on Spotify before (yes, I had been using it for almost 3 years and never checked out the queue. Weird, I know), but used it often on Google Play. I loved it. I could add whole albums, delete songs from the queue I didn't want there, and the songs or albums I added were always added below all of the songs I had already queued up. 


Needles to say I was quite dismayed when I began using the Spotify iOS app again yesterday (premium for the first time in months), began listening to an album, then tried to queue up an album to play after that one and, lo and behold, I couldn't add the entire album! So I tried to queue up a song - yup, I could do that, but the song would queue up right after the song I was listening to and not after all of the songs I wanted to hear first! 


So I'm adding my two cents here: there needs to be an "add album" option to the queue function. When I go on long drives, I like to have a few albums queued up to play one after another. Sure I could make a playlist, but I actually don't utilize playlists very often, and I like to keep that aspect of the app (and desktop version) uncluttered. Google's music app had it's problems, but I LOVED being able to queue albums w/o having to make a playlist, name it, etc. 


Also: the queue function needs to be more user friendly. My default want when I queue up a song is that I want it to come after all the ones I already have queued. If I have the desire to listen to it sooner, I'll move it then. There needs to be an option to move a song (or album) to play either next or last. 


I love Spotify and I don't plan on switching back to Google, but the queue feature is really lacking user friendly functionality in the iOS Spotify app. It'd be great if you could make these changes. 

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Congratulations on reaching 100 kudos. You rock, and obviously, so does this idea.
Hang on tight, you will soon (usually within a couple of months) see a reply from Spotify in this thread determining the future of the idea.


Yes, please!

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Rdio has the UX for this down pat, really. I wish Spotify had the same, and if they did, I'd switch in a heartbeat.