Add to library without adding to a playlist

It would be great if you could just get an album offline without having to add it to a playlist and then making the playlist offline, For those of us who get albums more than singles it would be a very handy feature so as to not make a really cluttered playlist just to get some albums in the library

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Yeah.  why, when I find an album on search in Spotify and drag it to my library all the songs become starred?  I really don't want ALL the songs starred, maybe one or two.  How do I avoid this?  Also, if I unstar the songs they disapear from all list.

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i'd like to add music to the library without having to make it a playlist or starred!

playlists are for making my own mixes, it's messy having so many of them.


The idea of curating my own collection is something Rdio offers. Spotify should too. I want to have a collection of albums, not a bunch of playlists. And I don't want to start every song on every album I want to save. Stars are for extra-special tracks and serve a different role.


I'm considering moving from Rdio to Spotify, but creating my own collection is something I really miss on Spotify. It's a shame you can't add Spotify songs to your personal library and then access them like you would do in iTunes (or Rdio).


This is keeping me from moving to spotify, as well.


Rdio and Rhapsody both have this feature.

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I completely agree with this. This particularly applies to mobile users. After awhile using Spotify for mobile, you end up with a huge bunch of playlists just to sync some albums to your phone.


I tried out Rdio, and have to say that feature alone is making me think of swithcing. Search is powerful, but I still want to curate a list of 'my music' for easy browsing, and I won't always remember band names.


Please facilitate this kind of usage. I prefer Spotify in general, it's Desktop client is much more stable, so would like to stay with Spotify.

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Please do this!


Why hasn't this been added yet? How difficult is it to add another section underneath collection called "Spotify collection" and organize them by artist and genre? I feel like this should take months not years Spotify...