Add to queue option for the pause button

I would really like if it was possible to queue the pause button.

So that after the song you're listening there would be silence until you hit the play button, and it will play the next song.


Why would anyone want this?

Well, often I listen to music while browsing the internet. And I would for example come over a YouTube video I want to watch, but I don't want to pause in the middle of the track. Then it would be awesome to have this feature.


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soooo if your about to watch a movie, your going to keep listing to the song until it auto pauses?... That makes no sense... don't think this is a good idea. theres no point in this feature your imposing.


No I would start the movie after the song finishes. I've also missed this feature at parties where someone want to play a new song but don't want to ruin the one that is currently playing. And the new song isn't in Spottily so they're going to play it at YouTube.


I have been thinking of a similar feature for years. Despite what that one guy thinks, this would indeed be useful. Some of us actually don't like stopping the music in the middle of a song, believe it or not. We want to pause Spotify after a song has finished. As it is, we have to sit with the finger on the pause button and wait for the exact right moment to click it, unless we delete all the rest of the songs from the play queue.


But this could have more functionality beyond simply pausing after the current song. If this was treated sort of like a song in the play queue, you could move it around, have multimple instances of it in the queue, put them into playlists, etc. So if, for instance, you're about to leave in a few minutes, you can say, ok, four more songs then we're out of here, and add a pause item after four songs.


Furthermore, you could have options on the pause item like "pause for x minutes" after which it would start playing again, and "pause until x o' clock", in case you want music to start playing at a pre-determined moment. A more comfortable alternative to your alarm clock, maybe?


Maybe not everyone would find this useful at all, but I bet a lot of people would. And it would be really cool, which of course is of great importance.



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This idea has already been suggested here:

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