Adding Notes to Songs

One thing that I think could really make Spotify better is a way to add notes or a user description of sorts to songs once they're added to a playlist.  For example, I created a playlist called Trailer Tracks that has a number of songs featured in popular movie trailers.  However, there is no way for me to tag each song with the trailer it was featured in. 


A way of doing this, or allowing the admin of the playlist to add a description of why a certain song was added or what it means to them could really add a new twist on Spotify and take music sharing to a whole new level.

Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

Updated on 2018-06-15


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i want to make a really cool playlist for a friend with each song having a little note as to why it makes me think of them. listen, its a cool little way to get some information across or even a some affection. why aren't you implementhing this????


I'm a recent convert to Spotify and prefer it to iTunes for a lot of reasons. However, not having a notes feature is a dealbreaker — I need to be able to label songs for professional reasons (to use in videos) and not being able to add a note means I have to switch out of the app and make a note somewhere else. Ideally, notes would be user-specific so no one else could see them, but this is among the reasons why services like 8tracks have a lot of younger users who compile playlists obsessively, with lots of notations. This should be easy to do on Spotify, too!


Yes, please make space for doing notes in the playlists. Very important and relevant to dance instructors like me. 


Real shame this has been set as 'Not right now', would love to have such feature. Either private or public notes would be awesome. 


Personally I would like to use such a feature for personal (searchable) tags. For example to note down who recommended/where I found the song, genre/mood tags etc. These tags/notes could also be used as a tool to make it easier to compile playlist at a later moment!


Yes please! Just a text box would be so useful. I work in film, and often trawl spotify for potential music and add tracks to playlists, that then inevitably end up quite long. Would be so useful to be able to tag tracks with potential scenes they might be useful for!


Any plans to revisit this? Much wanted functionality for a long time now.




Please reconsider implementing this feature. It is often that I discover a new song/artist/album in a particular social context (like a party, concert, etc.) and it would be great, when adding it to Spotify, to provide a kind of memo. What happens is that sometimes I forget the name of the artists, but I completely remember the social context which he is associated with. If it had been possible to enter searchable memos/notes to My Music, it would be much more comfortable to return to previously saved music.



Anyone creating playlists would want this feature.


So one of the things I'm doing is I'm going to get my Worship team on Spotify.  I'll share what we're doing each week and I have a playlist that has all the songs we might do.  Some songs have alternate versions and I'd like to keep them together and specify which versions are alternate or not.  Having the ability to mark songs, rather than make a new playlist each week, would be really helpful.


This is still the big feature missing from Spotify for me. The ability to add pictures and descriptions was a great step, but playlist curation could go so much further with this feature and really complete the experience for a lot of users. I hope it isn't in the "no" pile forever!