Adding Notes to Songs

One thing that I think could really make Spotify better is a way to add notes or a user description of sorts to songs once they're added to a playlist.  For example, I created a playlist called Trailer Tracks that has a number of songs featured in popular movie trailers.  However, there is no way for me to tag each song with the trailer it was featured in. 


A way of doing this, or allowing the admin of the playlist to add a description of why a certain song was added or what it means to them could really add a new twist on Spotify and take music sharing to a whole new level.

Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

Updated on 2018-06-15


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This would be a great addition to Spotify and would definitely take it to a whole new level. Please implement this feature! 


Please integrate this idea into the next update as it would create a greater experience for Spotify users. If we were to have this opportunity, we could, for example, create playlists for our friends and describe under each song why we picked it.


I would greatly appreciate this addition as well. I have a playlist containing original songs and their derivative works (shameless plug: it's called "Music Sampling 101"), and it would be great to be able to annotate individual tracks. Please consider implementing this feature. 

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This would be so handy, even notes on albums. I listen to so much music I sometimes can't remember if I liked it or what it sounded like. So just a few notes, even 150 characters like old-school twitter would be so handy! I currently write down my notes in an old-school diary!


I would like to start been able to write notes on the albums i have saved. At the moment i am having to use another app to do this. I know that this isn't a hard feature to add. Come on spotify !!!


Silly not make such an easily implemented idea available and not living in the 21st century. 


I wish for this every time I open Spotify to make a new playlist, honestly.

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I'd like this functionality added to general albums, not playlists. I like to write reviews for albums I listen to and would like an easy way to reference my thoughts in once place. would be great if that place was in Spotify, so at the end of the year I can review all the albums I listened to and see what my comments were.