Adding Notes to Songs

One thing that I think could really make Spotify better is a way to add notes or a user description of sorts to songs once they're added to a playlist.  For example, I created a playlist called Trailer Tracks that has a number of songs featured in popular movie trailers.  However, there is no way for me to tag each song with the trailer it was featured in. 


A way of doing this, or allowing the admin of the playlist to add a description of why a certain song was added or what it means to them could really add a new twist on Spotify and take music sharing to a whole new level.

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Updated on 2018-06-15


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This would be a really nice update!



I have a playlist that I share with my girlfriend; it would be nice to be able to comment on the songs I put in there for her. I think it would make the songs put on there much more personal, if we could comment on why we added certain songs.

Gig Goer

Like the above poster, it would be nice for us shmoopy Spotify users to add the reason for each song's inclusion on a "mixtape" playlist for our SOs. There are dozens of other fantastic uses I could think of for this feature too.

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this would be great for a wedding playlist.. to tell the DJ what the songs were for.. first dance, ceremony. before ceremony. etc etc


add this feature!!!




Agree with all users above.  Please develop an optional field in the playlist that adds a notes section.  This will allow users to write and edit little notes about a song.  Then make it available to print that playlist with the notes or save as a text file.  I am a Spinning instructor and this would become extremely helpful when I am creating workouts.  I am new to Spotify and was disappointed I was not able to do something as simple as this. I just wanted to add an additional suggestion in support of this community sharing ideas.





I would like to note the tempo and time signature


This has so much use it would revolutionize Spotify.  Please make this feature also available in the web interface.  Thanks.


Hi! I just thought I would share my view on this. It's simple but it would mean the world to my friends and me 🙂

Comments, notes, call it what you want. A picture is worth a thousand words, so...




Please make it also possible to include the personal note to the search filter, so it is possible to find tracks with a certain note/syntax again.


Would LOVE to be able to add notes to songs in playlists....


I am in the process of switching over from ITunes and was disappointed that Spotify did not have this feature.  But overall a great product!


anything happening with this idea. It's the one single thing that would make spotify PERFECT for me.