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Adjustable Font Size (desktop version)

I would like to be able to change the size for the text in spotify. Im using a 1080i tv for spotify, and the text is way too small for easy reading. It would be nice if you could add an option for that!

Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

Updated: 2016-04-14

It's possible to zoom in and out now via the "View" menu, which changes also the font-size of the client.
If you like a more customizable setting, please submit a new idea since this one here will be changed to "inactive" as of right now.

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I would just like to add my support for haakon5.

It seems to be a common issue with us 'HTPC' type users who use 'Music/Media Players' such as iTunes, Spotify, WinAmp etc. The text really is quite small and makes for difficulty reading.

On our 32" and 42" 1080i TVs the text for tracks in playlists, as an example are barely 4-5mm in height - this is common between iTunes, Spotify and WinAmp (although we do not use WinAMP). Now my vision isn't all that bad, but, being more than 6 feet away from the screen does become a bit of a strain. This is particularly annoying during Prime Time use (when guests are over).


There is a further concern for screen protection for us HTPC type users, many of us have to disable screensavers and power saving modes as they will clash and interupt playback from certain media playing software. Simply, we need a visualiser/visualizer. This is particularly annoying during Prime Time use (when guests are over).


I would imagine that the developers personally have the same problem.


As a workaround, as I use XBMC for Live TV & Radio, Movies, DVDs, BBC iPlayer (4OD, ITV and Demand 5) and Music (although, with music iTunes is the core system); I use a Spotify XBMC addon - from which we can access your playlists and search as a Prime Time playback system - this allows for the XBMC visualisers to be used. The font sizes are considerably enlarged also.


Maybe I should point out that we are using a 32bit Windows Vista Home Basic install (the idea was to build a multiroom system with the guts as cheaply as possible). 


I would love this. I hate everything except web-browsing on my computer, Microsoft game(Solitaire, Spider Solitaire and such) and movies of course.

( I use an ordinary computer with 1080p on a 42" TV)


I think that getting some kind of HTPC skin(like winamp had a "big" player some years ago) or just a zoom function would increase happiness along many of us. And it is really perfect for festivities(spelling?!) since everyone would be able to see what's playing and such.


Great idea Haakon!  Too bad Spotify doesn't agree!  In fact, based on their response below,

one can assume that with Spotify's success, the design team is too busy drinking lattes and

shopping for skinny jeans to care about their customers!  Case closed!!



Hello folks,

First at all, really sorry for the delay on updating this idea, we have a lot of them coming in every day so sometimes it takes time and we also have to prioritize. Hope you can all understand.

We are going to mark this as "Case closed". At the moment it does not really fit out our design philosophy. However we might come back to it in the future, so keep an eye on the updates.

Thanks a lot for your contribution and ideas, we really appreciate it 🙂


This is also a problem for those with poor eyesight on a regular display.  My wife cannot use Spotify at all because of the small font.  I have to create predefined playlists and put the URL on a web page for her.


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Status changed to: New Idea


Marked as new idea and changed the title from "Bigger text for htpc users" to "Adjustable font size (desktop version)" since a lot normal desktop users wish for this feature, too. 😉



Yes, this isn't necessary just for HTPC users. I am visually impaired and would like to have adjustable font size because the default is too small. Even at 6x magnification the font is hard for me to read, and I have to get within a few inches of my screen to do so. I can't magnify it any larger because it becomes too blocky.


Please, Spotify, let's implmenet adjustable text.


The font size option should be obvious! Spotify is used in so many different kind of screens (pc, htpc, big tv screens, tablet) so this is a must. Personally I am using spotify on my tv screen and when I want to use spotify I always have to lower the resolution from 1920*1080 because of the font. This makes me crazy.



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Seems that Spotify have recognised these requests, but have now gone completely the other way... the font on my screen is now enormous. Surely the option to pick font size (S, M or L) would be best.


This is stupid. The font is enormous. Makes sense for people to have on their HTPC when being drunk, but please let it be changeable for those of us who actually prefer the "normal" fonts.


I manually changed it back in the skin.xml-file, but that's not really a viable solution.


This was posted over a year ago, any kind of progress on this premify? I