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I totally understand that Spotify Free is going to have ads.  However, there is one ad that has played over and over enough that I usually get annoyed enough to stop listening to Spotify for the rest of the day after hearing it once or twice at most.  I have even thought about discontinuing use of the program on a whole.  I know that is extreme for one ad, and it is not offensive, but I am just sick to death of it and is one of the common ones; Say it with a Song ad.  I would greatly love to be able to rate ads.  Even if they continue to play but so you can get feedback on which ones free users like or dislike to keep playtime enjoyable.

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I totally agree. The "I was thinking, I just wanna say...." Ad makes me pull out my headphones while it plays or even turn off Spotify for the day. I get ads are part of having a free service but this particular ad is the worst ad I've ever heard.



I came here just  to say the exact same thing that you have posted here!


Please get rid of this ad spotify. It is overplayed, stale and unbearable at this point.


THIS - same question, same ad. Every time I hear that stupid ad all I want to do is quit Spotify - NOT say it with a playlist, and definitely NOT upgrade. There needs to be a way of saying "Don't play this ad again [today/this week/EVER]". But my guess is that the paucity of different ads is evidence that no one is advertising with Spotify anymore. 


How many times do I have to thumbs down U2 before they stop coming up on my Talking Heads radio? Or is there no way to escape them and their **bleep**ty music?


I actually registered just to propose this. Really glad somebody already has opened an idea.
It would be nice to have an contingent of ads you can block (small), just if one of them drives you mad... I dont have a problem with most ads, but the Swiss Granini ad literally drives me crazy every time it comes up, it makes me want to punch my computer and I assure you that I will not buy any drink from this company for hearing this ad so often until I entirely forgot about the ad (this might never happen).

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PLEASE do another Spotify ad and stop playing the "Say it with a Song ad!"  I was able to listen to Spotify for about an hour today.  After other ads then this one played. I stuck it out the first cycle of ads.  But then the second wave hit and I just can't do it; so I closed Spotify down.  I also did this yesterday but after hearing it once.  I just can not take this specific ad ANY MORE!


That exact ad... "So.. I uh.. well, I just wanted to say" is the precise reason why I searched this out. Glad to hear I'm not the only one that immediately mutes my headphones whenever I hear that ad start. Pretty much the only ad that makes me do that.


I understand it would be difficult to implement something like this where people could basically stop ads from ever playing again, since there are only so many ads, but at the very least implement something that we can use to make that one irritating ad play much less often than others, or just remove that ad... either solution works. 😉

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This is a great idea, and I think it's something that Spotify might be interested in implementing. This tool could provide that as feedback to advertisers to let them know how their ads are performing using a more direct metric (rather than pulling data related to who turns the volume down, etc).


It would also allow advertising to become more targeted to each individual user, by analyzing which types of advertisements they prefer/dislike. I would imagine that Spotify would find it desirable to offer more targeted advertising to their advertisers. 


+1 on this idea. I HATE the 'Say it with a song" ad. I mute my headphones everytime it plays (which seems to be about once every 20 minutes).