[Ads] Better Variety of Commercials

This drives me crazy.


Adds for stations I dont' care about, or the same product over and over.


I start to hate it after hearing it over and over and over. It would be the number 1 reason I would stop using spotify right now.


If the ad is seomthing I want, then maybe I'll go get whatever it's selling. If I don't like what it's selling then aren't you just wasting add time on me? 



Give me variety please !

Updated: 2016-05-07

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I don't mind advertisement either and I know you must get people to subscribe to your service.


BUT! doing 4 advertisement in a row and them being the same is as ugly a practice as any can be. Please change that as soon as possible. This is how you get people into mental hospital.


Back when I started using it there was only 1 commercial in a row. And it crept up to 4. But actually having 2 or 3 kind of advertisements and looping them over and over is not good. If anything it brings out hate in me to whatever is advertised. That will mean the Spotify ads getting no traction, then the loss of advertisers, then loss of service. Unless that's what you want.


I also use DexPot for workspacing on Windows. And each time you play and stop an ad you grab the attention of Windows and pull the view onto spotify. That's annoying as hell. Since I'm a developer and writing a function while spotify tooks control of my active window dismissing my keypresses. I'm seriously thinking of going back to something else because it's more and more annoying to listen to music and support artists.


I don't have any music that is similar to  Nicky Jam and Enrique Iglesias' new single and yet I am subjected to it about 80 times a day if I want to listen to spotify at work. As with the original commenter, I'm happy to listen to ads, but wish that (a) there was some variety and (b) there was some degree of personalization. 


The effect of this ad is to make me hate the music in the ad, which then turns to hate for spotify. which soon turns to, i'll just listen to pandora. 


Please don't make me listen to pandora.

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 I fourth the sentiment [and DEMAND] for variety. Like many Spotify users, I like to play music while I'm at work. Listening to the same commercial every half hour creates some extreme disgust for whatever product is being advertised; repetition is ineffective and actually backfires as selling tactic (at least it does for me). This is especially the case when the commercial is, for lack of a classier word, suggestive. "I uh, was kind of wondering if, ah, if , well maybe you wanted to, ah...." UM NOOOOOOOOO! And this, blaring--yes, blaring, because the commercials are always, always louder than the music--at the office? If such practices continue, I may also be forced to switch to Pandora. 


The "Lost for Words" ad is driving me back to Pandora. UGH! Make it stop.


Yes!!! "Lost for Words" is making me pull off my headphones. I'm not sure if it's lazy advertising, or whether they're purposefully trying to piss us off so we'll pay for Premium.  Either way, that is the worst ad ever and I literally remove my headphones every time it comes on now.  


It's purposeful.  If they annoy you enough, they assume you'll buy Premium.  In fact, the "Cats Playing Ping Pong" ad basically says that, word-for-word.  Pretty sad...

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I agree that ads thare necessary for a free service.  But an ad (or ads) that just make you want to stop using the service are not helpful to the service and are not going to make people subscribe & pay either.  I love how I can find specific songs and play what I want to hear on Spotify.  Especailly when I am at work and not constantly having to hit like or dislike to keep songs I do like within Pandora.  But there is an ad that makes me hit the stop button and then I usually end up closing Spotify; especially when its been heavily repeated!!


The "Lost for words" ad makes me want to punch myself in the face.


...Oh my dear... "Lost for words" is simply unbearable, with that  broad London accent, unemotive acting like a patient under strong sedatives, it gives me a strange feeling of discomfort, half way between stomach ache and shame for something I haven't done....

If the strategy is to make me pay they have got that really wrong... I might search a more creative channel, as I don't minds ads but this is evil stuff