[Ads] Report Ads that you find offensive

I think it would be good to block ads that you find offensive / upsetting. I'm normally a premium user (after the free trial, how could I go back!) But need to move the payment date so having to face ads again and just thought that would be a good idea rather than having to quickly alter the volume for ads I or my co-workers find offensive. 



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Updated on 2018-06-15


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I agree-- I would love a way to exit out of on-screen advertisements that I find offensive as well. There are some ads I would rather not look at when I open the spotify window, and there's no way to close them or switch to something else.


I third the previous two comments on this issue...  I don't mind advertisements, I actually understand their need, but the way they are currently implemented is fundamentally flawed and needs to be addressed.  Take for example what happened to me 10 minutues ago:  Listening to traditional acoustic music (no singing), but inbetween songs there is an advertisement for a rap\R and B group that proceeded to drop F-bombs and use the N-word repeatedly...  Not only did it interupt the feel of the musical experience, but also offended me extremely!  Spotify can easily look at my listening history and favorite tracks to determine that I am NOT interested in that advertisement...  Spotify needs to tailor their advertisements to the listener's taste... it would most likely have a better chance of a positive reaction.


I was wondering if I was the only one with this issue. I creatinly have no problem whatsoever with Spotify pushing ads for the free service.  That's the deal, it allows them to offer a great variety, and the service is easy to use.  Kudos.


However, my tastes are certainly not in heavy metal, rap, or country.  Yet, I get ads for artists in these genres and it really can be distuptive...especially if I am listening to Debussy and all of sudden I get metal or rap.


Spotify...keep up the good work but work on your ad software.  The trick is to target the ads.


I agree with this. I put on some music to help me focus on my work, and then a Durex Condom ad just played. It's not only offensive to me, but it completely destroyed the focus I had.


I like to play my music while I clean, and I don't mind the ads, I want a way to make sure the ads are not so offensive. I am fine with ads for apps and other music, but I don't like having ads for condoms blasting through my house. 


I've sent in a couple of tickets about inapprioprate advertisements. I've gotten the Durex one at least 3 times in my recent listening (Today). None of them have been answered. 



1) Does Spotify actually respond to thier tickets?


2) How many of you will switch to another program to get away from it?


I listen at work. I'm careful to only use the clean versions of songs just in case someone wanders into the store while I'm not near the desk to turn it down. I can't have KY commercials playing as a group of kindergarteners wanders in!


Or ads for Durex when I'm listening to church hymns with my children. Spotify has lost two users, and one paying customer.


Totally agree!!  Most other sites with ads allow you to say they're offensive or whatever.  why not here?  I'm having a nice time worshiping God with music when it's interrupted by a condom commercial or a picture of mostly naked women in full screen.  Seriously?  Figure it out Spotify!!  That is not the lifestyle I choose to lead.  If people are listening to music full of sexual references, fine, but I'm not.  I want the freedom to choose what I allow into my mind.  I believe in freedom and I'm sick of having values that run counter to my own shoved down my throat.  


by molson2175 17m ago
Today I had an ad for #GFY by Shaggy. The speaker over the ad said: Listen to Shaggy's new single Go EFF Yourself - which was really random, but acceptable. Where it became unacceptable was when they actually played the chorus of the track and they dont' use eff, they use the actual word.

Umm.... I'm at work. Throwing F-bombs around at work is not accceptable. Two things shock me:
1. How this Ad even made it on to Spotify
2. How we still don't have a way to report offensive Ads, as this post requested in 2012.

I agree!  I was listening to soft jazz and got this Shaggy GFY ad.  Not even remotely acceptable.  I understand ads, but keep them PG Spotify.  Really!