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Album Categories / Tags

I was thinking it could be nice to be able to categorize my albums.


For example, I have a playlist called, "Office Albums". Right now, it's manageable because I don't have too many albums in it. However, as it continues to grow, I could imagine it becoming very difficult to sort through for the album that I want. The natural solution would be just tagging the albums with "Office" and then having a nice album view for that category. I also have a "Live Albums" playlist that could benefit from the same tagging/categorizing mechanism.


This is all possible because of the somewhat-not-so-new-anymore album/my music feature, which is awesome. Keep up the great work!

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Hey Interrobang,


this sounds like a good idea but for the beginning you can organize your albums as I do: I simply put the first track of an album into a playlist to get a "shortlink". This playlist works best with sorting by artist or album. Your playlist will get extremely short if you delete all the other tracks than the first one. And if it's still too big: Use folders and add playlists ordered alphabetically (for example: Folder "Office" > Playlist A-D, E-H.. and so on with the artists of the first letters in it).

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Thanks, acidesoleil!


That's a great short-term solution. Sometimes, I like to listen to it on random, but I could do one playlist for all the songs and one playlist for the first song of each album, as you suggested, for easier browsing.

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Hello @Interrobang . If you're within your playlist, why not sort by album - wouldn't that do what you propose? Or filter by the album name and that way only see those tracks that match the filter?

As for the suggestion by @Carina , if you put a playlist in a folder, there's an option to play all tracks within a folder which would mean that if you have "one track playlists" within a folder, all tracks would be playable.

You can also put folders within folders and all tracks within any subfolders are playable in the top-folder view.