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There is a great album art cover view when looking at a mobile device connected to Spotify (see screenshot) it would be great if Spotify client could offer this view in normal library and playlist browse mode - great way to remember stuff you have in your library! Album art cover view for library


Hey guys, We’re going to mark this Ideas as “Case closed”.


That’s because this week we introduced “Your Music”. Now you can save, organize and browse your favorite music. All in one place, across all platforms.


With "Your Music" you will be be able to view all the album covers for all your favorite albums. We've marked this idea as closed simply because it references your previous "Library".


For a glimpse of “Your Music” and our new design changes click here. These changes have rolled out to iPhone, desktop and web users this week, and will soon be available across all platforms.

Status: Case Closed

I don't think so too but the library view does need improvement. Just a categorization in columns would be a big improvement. e.g.:.


Artist                    |          Album                           |                           Songs


Nine Inch Nails         Hail to the Thief                                      High and Dry

Radiohead                  The Bends                                             Just

Tool                                                                                                etc.


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I would love an album view like the one in iTunes. Currently Spotify is very geared towards single songs in playlists, but there are still a lot of people like me, who likes to pretend they still have a record collection.



I agree, and they shouldn't since Spotify has a lot more potential.


However the album view in iTunes is not an iTunes specific feature, i just used iTunes as an example of how it's done, and how I use a library.






Have you tried using the album view? On the View menu select "View as Album List" 

This groups the tracks in the playlist that are in the same album and displays the album art.  I think this does some of what you're asking.

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Look at this, Rdio collection!!! I need, I wait, I hope this for Spotify!

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This is the only reason i keep iTunes open, I like to browse my local files with this view.
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I absolutely agree with and support this idea, I always have my iTunes set to grid/album art view.


Text lists are functional but not very inspiring. Actually seeing your playlists/albums in a grid view with all the gorgeous album artwork on display makes your music collection feel more tangible, which is very important in an age of downloading/streaming.


Nearly every other music player out there can do this, so it astounds me that Spotify still haven't added this option.

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I agree. 


I miss to have like iTunes. It doesn´t have to be exactly the same. But as it is now its not very good if you have a lot of playlists!!

So make a difference

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Hello there!


I have merged two ideas in to this one, since they are both requesting the same thing. That is the reason why the kuddos have increased a lot. 


We are here and listening, we will update the ideas as soon as possible. Thank you all for your votes and comments, we really appreciate it.