Album cover view for library...

There is a great album art cover view when looking at a mobile device connected to Spotify (see screenshot) it would be great if Spotify client could offer this view in normal library and playlist browse mode - great way to remember stuff you have in your library! Album art cover view for library


Hey guys, We’re going to mark this Ideas as “Case closed”.


That’s because this week we introduced “Your Music”. Now you can save, organize and browse your favorite music. All in one place, across all platforms.


With "Your Music" you will be be able to view all the album covers for all your favorite albums. We've marked this idea as closed simply because it references your previous "Library".


For a glimpse of “Your Music” and our new design changes click here. These changes have rolled out to iPhone, desktop and web users this week, and will soon be available across all platforms.

Status: Case Closed

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