Alert window that displays if/when a track has been removed from a playlist.

I think it would be good to have the Spotify Software alert the user when/if a song has been removed from a playlist. 

Being a premium subscriber I must say I find it really aggravating to go into a playlist to play a specific song and it no longer be there. Having some sort of notification that tracks have been removed would be nice. 


An added benefit to have would be to have an explanation as to why it was removed for instance "song by artist has been removed due to label/artist licensing issues.



Updated: 2016-05-05

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I fully agree with this proposal!

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Any news about this?

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Really brilliant idea.

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Sounds like a good idea to me! Would be helpful, lots of users have this problem


Anthony :)


Want to post the same idea, because I have a big Playlist...
Really important feature in my opinion!
Thumps up!

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Yes this is exactly what I'm talking about!


Is there any insight into why this happens? I would really like to know.

I'm from Finland but live in the states, I try to listen to Finnish music on Spotify, and what little is available is often removed randomly. Why would something be available at first, and then suddenly not again?


And why, in this age of a global internet community, are we still restricted by country-by-country licensing? If I want to buy music from a different country, why can I not give them my money and download the track??? (I know this is a bigger question than just Spotify, and this is probably not the place to vent it, but if anyone has any insight I'd sure like to know...)