[All Platforms] Ability to clear last played song from previous session

I would very much like to have the opportunity to clear the queue!


Youtube Music, Google Play Music and Tidal have this possibility and I appreciate this function very much. It annoys me that Spotify always has a permanent state, in which always the last played song is indicated below! I want to have the possibility to empty the queue, so that it is not visible, which song I have heard last. You could introduce the function under the options with three points. Please.


Please introduce this function, it really annoys that it is not possible and should not be so difficult.

Updated on 2020-11-18


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Hey there,

Thank you for submitting this idea, we'll just need a bit more info to understand it first. Could you clarify what you mean by seeing what song you've heard last? Any screenshots would be helpful 🙂


Keep in mind that you should be able to clear the queue by following the steps listed here on the device you're using. 

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Hey Katerina


Thank you, unfortunately on android and the webplayer you cannot remove the last played / current song. You can change the queue, but there is always one song left, the song that you listen at the moment. Even if I close the software and restart it, I can always see at the bottom what I last heard, where I last stopped. You can't erase or clear this current song. This bothers me. I want to have the possibility at any time that there is nothing at the bottom that shows what I last heard. It's nice to see what you heard last, but sometimes you don't want to. For that I want the option to empty the queue at the three points, including the currently played song.


I hope I could describe the problem sufficiently.
I don't have a screenshot, because I switched from Spotify mainly for this reason. I'd like to use Spotify again, but this point really annoyed me. Please solve it. Youtube Music, Google Play Music and Tidal have this possibility.


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On the webplayer you dont even have to clear the queue at all. and on Android, as I said, the current / last played song is always visible at the bottom.

Thank you, I hope Spotify will change this on Android and the webplayer.

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Thank you, I hope you can introduce and fix this idea.


I'm totally behind that!


should be added, yes


Please pass it on and introduce this. Pls!!


Totally agree