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[All Platforms] Add option to sort albums, in chronological order on an artist's page!

Status: Case Closed

This idea has been posted previously but it feels there must be more people out there who prefer listening to their favorite artist in chronological order instead of the newest first. 

If you choose to listen to an artist/band on their page instead of in a playlist, Spotify automatically plays next track in order. This is perfect! But I would really like to use that functionality to listen to the albums in chronological order instead. 

Today I have to go in to the app everytime one album ends to go up to next release (or create playlists with all albums in chronological order). 

The albums are like chapters in the band's story! They are connected and the story evolves!

Compare this to a writer and his/her books. They are connected to each other and I don't think you would come up with the idea to read the writer's last book first, especially if it is a series! 

We have many examples like this in music as well. Take Metallica and their Load/Reload or Helloween with Keeper of the Seven Keys Part I and II.

It is time to lift this idea to the top! 

Updated on 2022-01-19

Hey! Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange.
We've been keeping an eye on this submission for an extended period of time, and it doesn't seem this will reach the votes necessary to put it forward for prioritization.
As such, we're marking this case as closed. This includes any similar suggestions that are received.

If we do have any new information to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.

More information about it can be found here.

Status changed to: Need more information

Updated on 2020-02-05

Hey @FamFreed,


Thanks for bringing your feedback to the Idea Exchange!


Do you mind letting us know how you're trying to play music from an artist's profile? For example, are you pressing the green PLAY button at the top of their profile, or are you playing from the top of the songs listed under Popular? Also, is shuffle toggled on or off? 


It would also be useful if you provided us with a direct comparison between the current and the desired behaviour of the app. That way, we'll first be able to confirm that the app is working for your correctly, but also your idea will become clearer for other users who want to support it.


Thanks - keep us posted!


Hello. Thank you for your need for more information! 

For Desktop App I listen from the overview page and start to listen from the top track of the album I want to listen to. After listened to the last track of the album, it automatically jumps to next album (the previously released album in chronological order). 

In the mobile app I go into the discography and choose the album I want to listen to. And then it works the same way as for the desktop app.


If it was possible to sort the albums in chronological order with the debut album at the top, the same functionality would fulfill my request perfectly. 

And last but not least, no shuffle! Classy albums should be listened from first to last track in that order. 🙂





Status changed to: New Idea
Status changed to: New Idea

Updated on 2020-02-08

Hello and thanks for bringing your feedback to the Idea Exchange. We've marked this as a new idea - we've also edited slightly the title of your idea to make your suggestion more clear to other users.


This is a repost of this inactive idea.

Spotify Staff will look into this idea once it reaches the necessary amount of votes. More information about how the Spotify Idea Exchange works can be found here.


Thank you for clarifying the idea! 

I really hope this could be a popular idea! Is there any way to promote it? 😁




Now In Flames has created a playlist where you can listen to their albums in chronological order. Isn’t this a proof there is a wish for this feature?

Please like this idea so we can reach 100 likes! 


This should be the default. It’s easy to shuffle songs, but it’s a pain to listen to them in order? I, like others, chose Spotify over Pandora to have more control. No algorithm could ever predict what I want to hear.


Ive voted but I wish there was a way to get this "out there" for those who also REALLY WANT THIS OPTION but arent aware how to go about requesting. This would make me deliriously happy. As said, an artists albums is the evolution of them and their music. This option should be available please. 


I would very much like this option too!


This idea has been requested for YEARS. It keeps getting closed and then reopened. 


Come on, Spotify! Just add the ability to sort in reverse order already.  It's such a simple code/sql change a HS kid could do it.

Isn't reducing user frustration and improving usability regardless of "kudos" important enough?