[All Platforms] Audio Balance Slider (left - right)

I have 70% hearing in the right ear. Can you add a balance slider for us with hearing problems?


A simple


 L |======+======| R


slider will do!

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This is such a simple and basic idea, I can't figure out why Spofity has not done it on their own.  Every MP3 player I have on my phone has a balance control. Why is this such a fight?



Please do this. I've waited years for this functionality

Agree! Important missing feature!

Casual Listener

I want to use a DJ splitter cable and have spotiffy output mono sound from just one channel. A little like DJAy software does. This would allow a lot of DJ features


Please, dear God we need this. Spotify actually used to have that in the settings area! We need it back. As one of many people who use one earbud, I hate not being able to hear entire sections of songs because they're only played in one side of my earbuds. So irritating. 


I usually use the one ear in the office so I can still hear what's going on.  This means the other earphone leaks sound.  It's pretty difficult to control balance easily on both Mac and Sony Xperia.


This would actually be really awesome. My left ear got damaged a while ago, I've found a temporary solution by rooting my phone, but I can pick a new phone soon and I'm not planning on voiding my warrenty so soon


From my tests Spotify audio decoding output's right chanel slightly louder than the left. Tested using same quality, same song from a different source and on Spotify the right chanel is slightly louder than the left chanel (Windows and Android). Reported the issue to support no change until now.