[All Platforms] Bring back the warmer Green

The new green tone is ugly, it feels cold and has terrible feedback. Please stick with the warmer Spotify green.

Updated on 2018-06-16


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Updated: 2015-06-18

Yeah it's horrible!
Gig Goer

Please leave it, it's fresh and cool.


I agree about the new color being awful, I especially don't like the use of the it as a primary color in the desktop application. The color is very out of place against the theme and it is clear it was used to match the icon/logo color.


I love the color green in general but this Spotify shade of green is horrible

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New color hurts my eyes, can't see it without feeling pain :'(

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I liked the other title of the blog I was at complaining about the new updated irritating green. Seriously, revert your color green back to the original green. I just updated my spotify last night and it hurts just looking at your logo. Throughout the app it really isn't the problem but for some reason your new color is awful. I thought that I was the only one but I'm glad to see the response on the new change.

the new shade is green plays with my eyes, i'd love to see an option that allows users to change back to the old shade of green. 

May consider changing the icon manually if this feature cannot be implemented.



The new green is utterly horrible. HORRIBLE.

Please look at the amount of people of who despise it so much they've taken the time to log in and note it, including me.

It's really awful.

Please fix it.

Casual Listener

It's horrible.


I've changed my icon back to the old one, but it's still everywhere else. Spotify was never the prettiest, but now it's really unpleasant to look at.