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Status: Case Closed

Others have previously asked for this very obvious piece of functionality to be available - remove playlists from what comes up in the browse page.  This ought to be a no-brainer on Spotifies part because it's more data for them to use to corral their users.  Yet they've just ignored the requests.


There's also the fact that it'll make listeners happier because Spotify clearly has no idea 
a) What listeners want to listen to or
b) What music genres are

A new playlist appeared in my browse page recently - Alt. Pop.  I can only assume that whoever put this list together either doesn't know what alt means or they don't know what pop means because it's just plain pop music.  I have never listened to anything like this on Spotify or shown any inclination to listen to anything even remotely like this, yet it appears amongst the first handful of suggested playlists.  It's all very well for Spotify to be trying to make suggestions for music to listen to.  But if in 3 years of using Spotify I'm not aware of having listened to a single pop song that's been produced in the last 20 years, at least not all the way through because when one does come up I skip to the next song, it ought to be clear I have no desire to listen to pop.  Or R&B.  And I certainly don't want playlists where the person who put it together has just plain lied about what the playlist is.


So until Spotify can figure out things like genres, why not put in a feature that demonstrates that someone is actually paying attention to what listeners want?

Updated on 2022-01-18

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(This is a repost of the following inactive idea:


I keep getting recommendations exclusively for Rap and "top hit" playlists, neither of which have I ever listened to nor do I ever want to listen to.


So this is a repost of an original idea. Can we add the almost 300 votes over there to this idea? This way it might be more posible to get this thing done.


hmook - unfortunately Spotify have set this up to minimise the likelihood of user requests resulting in them responding in any way.  I created this request because they give a fixed length of time to get a minimum number of votes and, if the required number isn't reached in time, no further votes count.  A new request for the same thing has to be made and all previous votes for it are void.  So while those votes ought to count, Spotify is quite happy to give users the finger.


I get french music as a suggestion for playlists....not interested in this choice. If we are paying for premium, we should get to decide the type of playlists suggested. This is Spotify's weakest link


This regional content offering has to stop. I get a list recommendation called "The most **bleep**ing awesome"  without the bleep thing, the literal F-word there. Its description goes as follows "A dosis of the most **bleep**ing awesome fo da (this is the closest interpretation for the slang they used) Mexican taste" And I ask, why in heaven's name does Spotify recommend a playlist with curse words when we can't use them in the comments? That is disrespectful, extremely f-u-c-k-i-n-g disrespectful.


LOL. I have “For fans of Alan Lomax.” No ideas who Alan Lomax is or why Spotify thinks I’m a fan. And I’ve been using Spotify since 2010.


Hear, hear! The suggested playlists are the **bleep**'s work. I have never listened to, or requested, R&B, makeout songs, depressive bearded men with squeaky voices, or rainstorms in my entire life. Nor will I ever. Please make it stop.


I **bleep**ing hating Spotify suggestions.. I do hate **bleep**ing Trap.. I Listen Hip Hop..


And can't remove them.. what else you gonna suggest me now, reggaeton? For **bleep** Sake


I am not interested in Reggaeton yet my homepage is full of it. Spotify please take into consideration we pay a subscription so we are entitled to have a more custom home page or what it's suggested based on what we listen to. This is non-negotiable because we are paying for this service. If you keep pushing other genres which we actually don't like or even hate then let us know so we stop paying for that. This won't affect every single user because you can have 2 modes. One would be the original Spotify and then a custom version which will construct a customized experience for each user.