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Today we have 'Local files' that allow us to include, well, local files in our playlists etc. And this works well on my local machine. But as I have a home machine, work machine, my phone and my wife's phone these files are not available across them all. So I would love to see a 'Cloud files' feature. 


Cloud files would allow me to upload/sync my local music online (either to Spotifys own servers or using a 'hook' to Apple/Google/others) and then those files would be equaled to music provided by Spotify.


I would clearly pay extra for this option (30 NOK pr. month?). 

Updated on 2020-01-02

Hi everyone,

As this idea has been 'Not Right Now' for a while, we'll be setting it to 'Case Closed'.

Rest assured if we have any new information to share, we'll be back to provide an update.


This is the one feature that has me switching over to GPMAA. I love the seemless integration of my own tracks, without having to actually "sync" the files to any of my space-limited mobile devices. I would gladly return to Spotify premium if this feature ever gets added!


I'm in my free trial right now. There are two reasons I will not be subscribing, and this is one of them. I need to ability to supplement the Spotify library with my own files, for my own use across multiple devices. The second reason is the absence of gapless playback for local files.


Music lovers (which is the customer based of Spotify) really need that, because they often listen to music which is not on Spotify (indie artists). I want my music not only on my PC but also one mobile phones and tablets (for this the dropbox solution doesnt work sufficiently).


Googly is offering such a feature in its "all access" service... For me this is a major argument to swich the service...




What about android devices?

I'm tending towards similar thoughts as @hspindler... Google allows this on it's music service, I'm currently making use of the 'free' account which allows 20,000 songs... but considering just having all my music services in one app, as much as it would pain me to leave Spotify behind after so long.
Casual Listener

I'm just getting in to Spotify. The main draw for me, aside from not having to download/manage most mainstream music and being able to listen to and try anything at any time, is the part where I can see what my friends are listening to and try it out too. The social aspect of Spotify is great.


However, I'm sorely tempted to use Google Music since I could upload anything not in their library and have one, unified cloud library of music I like.


Also, I still have trouble using Spotify "local files + device sync" features - syncing local files (M4A in ALAC format) to my Android device, they don't tend to play. Basically, anything not in Spotify's cloud library, I need to do a separate local sync for anyway, outside of Spotify, and use other device apps to play, so it's a divided library. That's what makes Google's unified "upload your music + all access to our library" solution appealing.


If Spotify could find a way to add in "upload your music" rather than "you can just sync it locally and it doesn't work" that'd be great.


Alternately, giving the "device sync" the ability to transcode, and transcode ALAC & FLAC, would be great. I don't care if it's only 320k MP3 on my device, I just want it to get there and play along with the other music in one app.


Google's All Access Music allows doing exactly this.  I can't be the only person who cancelled my Spotify Premium and switched to Google for this feature. This makes a huge difference to those of us wanting to listen to songs outside of the Spotify library (for Indie stuff, live recordings, Artists who refuse to be on Spotify, non-album tracks, and songs previously in the Spotify Library that get removed).  I highly recommend reconsidering this feature, as the current library setup (even using DropBox) is difficult to manage and sync.


I think many of us would gladly use a service like DropBox for the hosting of the files, if they were just directly accessible from the spotify app at all times.


I want to stay with Spotify but are considering Google All Access now. Spotify has a larger library right now than Google, but with Google I can play my own music anywhere. If libraries are comparable in the future and Spotify still does not offer cloud service, I definitely will switch to Google.


Hope Spotify will consider cloud service.


This would be so awesome!! 


I've been using Spotify for a few years, and I love it. There is clearly increasing competition, specifically from Google Play. Competition is a good thing because it will (I hope) make Spotify better! Whatever reluctance there may have been to introduce such a feature and despite the available less convenient workarounds, this is a feature that people want. I switched from Rhapsody to Spotify specifically for the reason that I could combine streamed and bought music in the same playlist. However, as I and others become more mobile, we want our music to be completely mobile as well. This is one of two key features Spotify is missing but Google Play Music has. (The other is Chromecast support, and also the library management) Spotify wins on the social front, so that may keep me longer. However, it would be good to see more innovations on the product that fit with ever evolving mobile use cases. Thanks for your kind consideration.

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