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So I was in my hotel room listening to some N.E.R.D. out of my laptop speakers but I realized they just weren't getting it done. The noise from the AC and size of the room was making the listening experience less than satisfying. But alas! I thought of a remedy.


Hey Spotify, what if with the Connect feature, the one that links devices in controllable playback, could actually be used to amplify sound? An option to not just control play/pause/fast forward, but to USE the speakers of whatever device simultaneously to the original device. 


Have an iPad in the bathroom, your phone by your bed, and laptop at a desk? They could all be working together so you never aren't immersed in your area. Unite them!


Potentially this could be used to create a far more interesting soundstage as well. Obviously the devs would have to tinker with this and it would probably take a while, but place whatever devices you have access to around you, and they could work like a poor quality surround sound system. Not great, but nice in a pinch and certainly would be an upgrade over listening to one, centrally located mediocre/bad speaker.


Spotify, make this happen and let your customers jam around any environment. Until Apple copies this gold idea. Worth a shot.

Updated: 2015-07-07

Hi, a similar idea has also been suggested here:

While it's been marked 'Not Right Now', Spotify staff periodically reviews these ideas and may choose to implement it in the future. Add your kudos and comments there please!

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