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As a longstanding 'Premium' subscriber to Spotify I've recently upgraded my home HiFi and as such wanted to test out TidalHiFi Lossless streaming ... Wow what a massive difference! The soundstage is immense and much clearer on Tidal.


Here's a few points of observation:


Tidal Hifi subscription is great however (despite Quobuz being the same) at £19.99 I don't want HD Videos, zero interest to me, so I feel there's an element of paying slightly over the odds for a feature I'll never use.


*An idea for me, and for Spotify to clean up the landscape and pull even more subscribers would be to offer a £14.99 tariff which is Lossless.


Currently I'm running both services, Spotify Premium and Tidal HiFi, whilst sorely tempted by Tidal mainly for the Lossless quality, the 'Discover Recommendations' found within Spotify is a real draw.


If you guys implemented an incremental increase to a new Subscription Package at say £14.99 that would pull even more Audiophiles in and away from Tidal etc.

Updated: 2015-06-18

Hello and thanks for the feedback!

Any news regarding this request will be announced in the original idea topic here:

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