[All Platforms] DLNA Support

Status: Case Closed

I would be so great to have DLNA support in Spotify, both in the desktop and mobile versions.


There should be a simple "Play To" feature so music can be played on the living room stereo and controlled from a mobile device without the use of a combination of desktop computer, JamCast, 2Player, WD TV live box ect.


It could be combined with AirPlay support, but I'm using a Windows/Android setup myself.


Hope people (and Spotify) will support this feature soon - it would really take Spotify to the next level at home!

Updated on 2017-11-02

Thanks to everyone for their contribution to this thread. We really appreciate it. In the interest of full disclosure, we’d like to share with you the status of this request.


We don’t have any plans to implement DLNA support in Spotify. Instead, we’re going to develop and improve our current Spotify Connect feature, which allows you to play Spotify through your speakers, laptop, or TV using the Spotify app as a remote. For more information, check out Spotify Connect.


For this reason we’re going to mark this idea as ‘Case Closed’ We really appreciate your feedback on this.



Spotify Connect is really useless for me, unfortunately.


This sucks. It will be a huge disavantage in front of others solutions of music streaming. DLNA is the standard of this question and you are using it to stream music with AirPlay and Spotify connect but with oyur propietary staff up. Why aren't you developing something to support DLNA and expand your bussines ¿? Is it supported with the premium charge??

Bad decision : (



OK, you don't care about your customers request? We will revoke our premium accounts immediatly!! It is very easy to stream Qobuz on upnp device with bubble upnp and mconnect now.

In addition, Qobuz stream on flac 16/44 quality... Bye bye flatify 😉


Guys - Jamcast + the Pure Connect App solves all problems. WIFI quality for spotify over 14 Jongos no problem.


This is now available with Sonores Microrendu. The microrendu is quietly revolutionising computer audio for vinyl holdouts. They new firmware update just released  includes Spotify Connect output mode. This will possibly come to their lower priced Sonicorbitor unit if enough people get involved in asking for it. Look to see their competition getting on board soon. This is all driven by Spotify's announcement of lossless streaming which believe it od not is very important to a select group of us in the computer audiophile world.




Well, between this and the whole "we took a huge bribe from Sony, so no we're not making an Xbox app" thing, it has solidified that once my Premium trial expires I'm going back to Groove music...


Since you now have closed the libspotify API and have not released andy alernative API as you indicated you should do approx 2 years ago, can you instead make shore you implement DLNA possibuilities in your software to make it possible to stream/view covers from your tracks on our units that support this.


I would still like to enjoy the music in my whole building.


It's a complete different thing to support the app on different devices or play the sound on different devices in parallel using a fairly common protocol. So I still can only enjoy the music only in one room at the same time. That's a pitty


Really disappointed in Spotify, it just stopped working on my Onkyo. Also does not work on my Pinell SS2. Should i buy new hardware that Spotify will again not suppport 3 years from now. Waste of money and environment. Why not support standards like DLNA? 

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