[All Platforms] DLNA Support

Status: Case Closed

I would be so great to have DLNA support in Spotify, both in the desktop and mobile versions.


There should be a simple "Play To" feature so music can be played on the living room stereo and controlled from a mobile device without the use of a combination of desktop computer, JamCast, 2Player, WD TV live box ect.


It could be combined with AirPlay support, but I'm using a Windows/Android setup myself.


Hope people (and Spotify) will support this feature soon - it would really take Spotify to the next level at home!

Updated on 2017-11-02

Thanks to everyone for their contribution to this thread. We really appreciate it. In the interest of full disclosure, we’d like to share with you the status of this request.


We don’t have any plans to implement DLNA support in Spotify. Instead, we’re going to develop and improve our current Spotify Connect feature, which allows you to play Spotify through your speakers, laptop, or TV using the Spotify app as a remote. For more information, check out Spotify Connect.


For this reason we’re going to mark this idea as ‘Case Closed’ We really appreciate your feedback on this.



I would like some way to stream what you are playing in spotify directly to an DLNA certified reciever.


In essence, either spotify should have built in streaming capabilities on local area network, or it should be able to play through a media server such as tversity, jamcast, xmbc, windows media server, playstations 3 media server etc.


It would set spotify just above the competitors if you had the possibility 🙂


Second that! Spotify requires a Premium sub for mere streaming on WD TV Live, even if one neither wants nor needs the other bells and whistles. Unlimited is not accepted.




Only listening music from spotify, it's a shame I can't stream to my hi-fi...

DLNA needs to be part of the player, like it's done in all share. If you give me DLNA I promise to upgrade to premium 🙂

This is the most important feature needed at the moment. dlna is supported by most of the new home electronic producers allowing streaming of music and other media between the devices, mediaservers etc.


My setup at home is nearly perfect, BUT the most important link is missing: I can not stream my music directly from spotify player to my amplifier using android/iPad or PC.


When you provide the dlna support for Spotify app, you'll have a perfect product.


Don't hold your breath:


Seems like Spotify only allows streaming across the room if there's some kind of proprietary obfuscation layer on top (Sonos, Squeezebox, Airplay). Can't really blame them, as they're themselves hostage to licensing deals they've signed with the copyright holders.

DLNA support in Android app is on top of my feature wish list. iOS users has AirPlay support and I can't really see how DLNA support would be any different? In the PS3 plugin example above with JamCast there is a difference since this actually is some kind of "restreaming" Bering performed. That plugin passes on the audio stream that Spotify on the PC already has tried to render out to the speakers (if I remember correctly JamCast takes care of the audio from the mixer unit and passes it on) which seems to be Spotifys reason to refuse it. As long as the mobile app natively supports redirecting of audio in one way or the other it *should* not be any problem. The iOS app with AirPlay support pretty much shows this. Feels like I might as well go out in the woods and shout the following to the trees...but just in case anyone from Spotify reads this... Please add DLNA support to the Android app!

DLNA/UPnP Play To is my Number One feature request for Spotify! This can be done with audio files (mp3/wma/flac/etc) and is the one thing holding Spotify back as my main source of music.


Both desktop version and mobile version. I'm using Windows 7, Android tablet, and Windows Phone. Spotify Premium user for several years.


Have you actually watched the video? They implemented a libspotify-based DLNA media server that does not need mixer hacks on top of Spotify desktop client at all.


DLNA support is different from Airplay because Airplay audio stream is encrypted so you can't save the music to a file on the receiver side. In DLNA it's all open http streams, so the music is trivial to save. It would open up the possibility that you save all the music you want without paying per track, and then perhaps cancel the subscription... bad for spotify's business model and their relationship with the music labels 😉


I see what you are saying about being able to record the music, but in reality this would be one of the most difficult methods of recording music from Spotify. I think anyone who wants to rip music from Spotify can do it at will, and through much easier methods than this. If the Jamcast app was allowed to be distributed it would not in any way increase the odds of piracy.


Also, remember you can still stream Spotify using Jamcast, but you can't use this improved interface because Spotify won't allow it. I doubt Sony will ever allow a real Spotify app on the PS3, and this is pretty much the best chance at ever getting one. Sucks that Spotify won't allow us to have it.

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