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I would be so great to have DLNA support in Spotify, both in the desktop and mobile versions.


There should be a simple "Play To" feature so music can be played on the living room stereo and controlled from a mobile device without the use of a combination of desktop computer, JamCast, 2Player, WD TV live box ect.


It could be combined with AirPlay support, but I'm using a Windows/Android setup myself.


Hope people (and Spotify) will support this feature soon - it would really take Spotify to the next level at home!

Updated on 2017-11-02

Thanks to everyone for their contribution to this thread. We really appreciate it. In the interest of full disclosure, we’d like to share with you the status of this request.


We don’t have any plans to implement DLNA support in Spotify. Instead, we’re going to develop and improve our current Spotify Connect feature, which allows you to play Spotify through your speakers, laptop, or TV using the Spotify app as a remote. For more information, check out Spotify Connect.


For this reason we’re going to mark this idea as ‘Case Closed’ We really appreciate your feedback on this.



This was raised in the following idea already:




Do you want to give kudos to that one to help boost it as I'd love to see DLNA support as well.




I'm happy to pay a premium subscription to have DLNA streaming at least from the mobile application on Android. Desktop wouldn't be crucial for me, as I'd prefer to play it directly from an Android phone/tablet rather than open up the laptop and I can understand if this feature is not added to the desktop for security reasons.


I would love to have DLNA support....I.m a premium user but without this support I think I will reconsider the option on the market and probably switch to other services like Zune music pass (I.m uinf a windows phone)


Agree, would be a great feature! It would be awesome to stream music from my android tablet straight to my hifi, otherwise using bluetooth not very convinient and quality is also no always ideal.


Okay, forget what I've said 🙂 I spent the last few weeks developing a DLNA/UPnP media server using libspotify, and I've just released a working prototype:




Just to warn you upfront: to try it out you need a Linux (or *BSD) installation, you need an application key and you need to know your way around command line, and tools such as git and make. Anyway, the full instructions are available from the links below :




And here's the summary:


What is spotify-upnp-mediaserver?
Spotify-upnp-mediaserver is a daemon that provides a Rygel-compatible media
hierarchy from Spotify music streaming service that Rygel exports to the local
network as a UPnP Media Server. Put together, Rygel and spotify-upnp-mediaserver
provide access to musical content provided by Spotify service to UPnP/DLNA media
players, renderers and control points.

Currently, spotify-upnp-mediaserver is a proof-of-concept prototype for testing
and feedback. It exports only a small set of its developer's favourite music,
and while playback works, seeking during playback does not. However, full
support for playlists, search and other features should not be very difficult to


Playing music

Start up any UPnP AV control point or media player with UPnP support, and you
should see the spotify media server in the top level list of servers. Underneath
there is a small amount of music tracks - select any, direct it to a UPnP
renderer if necessary and it should just play.




I had an email exchange with Pandora yesterday and asked them to consider DLNA as well.  As some of you have commented, the first to support DLNA (hopefully multiple devices) will be the one I subscribe to and use.  

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Great news! Can't wait.


hedonist - Nice work there 🙂 Almost makes me want to build up a server and test it out (got lots of material).

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nothing new about this?


I would definetly like it if i could just select a UPNP renderer/player from the spotify android/windows application, and play my songs!