[All Platforms] DLNA Support

Status: Case Closed

I would be so great to have DLNA support in Spotify, both in the desktop and mobile versions.


There should be a simple "Play To" feature so music can be played on the living room stereo and controlled from a mobile device without the use of a combination of desktop computer, JamCast, 2Player, WD TV live box ect.


It could be combined with AirPlay support, but I'm using a Windows/Android setup myself.


Hope people (and Spotify) will support this feature soon - it would really take Spotify to the next level at home!

Updated on 2017-11-02

Thanks to everyone for their contribution to this thread. We really appreciate it. In the interest of full disclosure, we’d like to share with you the status of this request.


We don’t have any plans to implement DLNA support in Spotify. Instead, we’re going to develop and improve our current Spotify Connect feature, which allows you to play Spotify through your speakers, laptop, or TV using the Spotify app as a remote. For more information, check out Spotify Connect.


For this reason we’re going to mark this idea as ‘Case Closed’ We really appreciate your feedback on this.



Would be awesome to push spotify from its desktop program to dlna compatible devices in the home.  This should be easier to accomplish than airplay due to licensing issues.  


Signed up just to give support to this feature.

Status changed to: Under Consideration


Hello folks!


First at all, sorry for the late update, there are lot of ideas coming in every day. We want you to know that we are here and listening, and working on all of your ideas.


I´ve changed this idea status to "Under Consideration" since: "We’ve submitted the idea internally for consideration".


We will get back to you when we get our internal feedback on this matter.


Thanks a lot for your contribution and ideas, we really appreciate it 🙂




It's appreciated that you are considering the ideas, but you should let your developers and product planners comment right here, and engage with the end users directly.


most important feature. 


i think everybody would appreciate it. 


go for the dlna support! 🙂

Even if I own an Onkyo receiver which has an internal spotify receiver that i use to listen to my playlists, I would prefer to dlna stream directly out of my Android device because the spotify user interface is nicer to search for music and construct playlists. Today I have ton take the IPhone of my wife and stream airplay through Apple Tv.... So go for direct dlna support.

Any updates regarding this issue?


+1 requesting this feature. It works wonderfully with Windows Media Player but all my music is in Spotfiy!


I am looking forward to this feauture. There is nooo way around it that I can find.


Like buying Sonos which has a license to integrate spotify

+1 It would be great with dlna support

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