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These days that vinyl albums have made a return, I guess that so have album notes, i.e. a description or narrative, along with artist credits, published with the physical disc or CD. Could these be included in Spotify? 


This subject has not been brought up for about 5 years, but I wonder if, now, it would be technically easier to achieve.


I appreciate the album art, enjoy reading the artist biographies and I notice that individual track credits, though sparse, are now available. Perhaps it is time to take the accompanying narrative to the music a step further?


The sort of things typically covered, in addition to composition credits, are names of the individual musicians, song lyrics and additional writing by, or approved by, the artist. Extracts from the Dob Dylan album Desire attached.


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Yes, please!!! It is so annoying to have lost the information, and we are losing a major part of our musical culture. Liner notes provide an important function in documenting the development of projects, as well as crediting important people, like recording engineers, producers, etc. This will not be difficult for Spotify to implement, especially given their vast resources. Come on Spotify, give artists what they deserve!


I've noticed a lot of Album notes are now appearing in Apple Music as "Editor's Notes" . I'd really appreciate seeing the same in Spotify:


Detail of NotesDetail of NotesEditor's NotesEditor's Notes


Engineer credits is not the same as liner notes or a digital booklet! I've been worrying for this for a while and didn't know this community place for suggestions even existed! I'm sure there are mint more listeners who want this but don't know that need to vote for it! Please just implement it already! 


I am a Swede and really hope Spotify will fix this as it is a swedish company. 


But the moment Apple fix this I will change to Apple Music. Spotify is making soo much money for them selves and a LOT of people in this company is making so much money you cant believe it and they pay less money/per song to the artists compared to Apple. 


Album cover was a HUGE part of the listening experience. Mostly on vynil, but also on CD, you had so much not only on the cover, but also inside. Wonderful arts, band pictures, texts and obviously lyrics.

This is public memory that is lost with digitalization, while we only value the front cover.

Spotify could build a initiative of memory rescue, having this all mapped with labels and stored, even having a place for users who have physical records to help scan and upload it.

This would create a new layer, a more immersive listening experience, making it possible to explore this content while listening.

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Discogs.com has such database of album artwork. Entries for many (most?) releases have scans front and back covers, inner sleeves, disc labels, CD booklets etc. It also has album and song credits and all kinds of background info. If a collaboration to expose these in Spotify is possible that would be great indeed.


Yeah this is something that should be added. I think other services like Apple music and Tidal already have this. The experience on Spotify should be like you're buying a record and listening to it. It shouldn't be any different. This is an absolutely essential feature. All possible information that you might have gotten with a physical copy purchase should be included in this. Additional information such as where this song or album came from or what is the history behind it and all would also be useful. 

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