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These days that vinyl albums have made a return, I guess that so have album notes, i.e. a description or narrative, along with artist credits, published with the physical disc or CD. Could these be included in Spotify? 


This subject has not been brought up for about 5 years, but I wonder if, now, it would be technically easier to achieve.


I appreciate the album art, enjoy reading the artist biographies and I notice that individual track credits, though sparse, are now available. Perhaps it is time to take the accompanying narrative to the music a step further?


The sort of things typically covered, in addition to composition credits, are names of the individual musicians, song lyrics and additional writing by, or approved by, the artist. Extracts from the Dob Dylan album Desire attached.


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I completely agree. It would be awesome if we could have all those experiences on spotify, since some people like myself just can´t afford a vynil collection, cause believe me, I would be collecting vynil like crazy if I had the cash.


I would love to be able to look at the cover of an album, and just the cover, on fullscreen on both my phone and computer. On computer you can already increase the size of the cover, but it´s not enough, at least for me. I think they could make the fullscreen view that the desktop app has, have the cover in the middle, in a big size so you could just look at it and enjoy it whilst listening to the album itself, or maybe just click on the cover and BAM, it opens up, on fullscreen, the background blurred out, so you can focus on it. In the image below, the cover is on the side whilst there is an image of the band/artist in the middle, I would like to sort of be able to choose between having the cover be big and in the middle with the rest out of the way.

Captura de Ecrã (110).png

Sorry if my english or my writting isn´t top notch here, but I don´t have a lot of time and I really wanted to voice this idea and see if spotify could add it.


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I would like to be able to read album covers while listening to music. Growing up my friends and I enjoyed reading lyrics, reading who the accompanying musicians were, who wrote the songs, and other information such as messages from the artist. If you could click through to the album cover while listener get that would be cool.


When listening to music, one often wants to check some further content. Almost every CD you purchase has some basic level of meta-information that is nowhere to be found in Spotify. So currently if you want to check some facts, you need to go to the internet and read about the song. I wonder why such functionality is not integrated by default in the application - it does not seem a very complicated thing to do. 


Have a section on each album where the artists or whoever manages the content can include a brief description of the album, as it happens with the information about the artist already. 

Could be a really interesting way to understand things better in certain cases.


why not add more information about the album, for example, about who participated in the recording and a small overview of the album itself, as well as the genre and what kind of album it is, in general, you understand me, in my opinion it will not be superfluous in a service completely dedicated music


Just like you have info box about artists, it would be great to have that for individual albums so you can look up stuff like where it was recorded, who other than the credited artist worked on it and if it has any relation to other media such as movies and games.

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I was watching the sting interview with Rick Beato and he had a great idea: each song on Spotify should have a listing of musicians and producers that performed or helped create the track. The info on Spotify should be as robust and well thought out as the liner notes you'd have included on vinyl packages in the old days. I love Spotify SO much, but i feel like the legacy and lore of the music could more well supported and create a real story for the true fans with more effort made on your part with extensive liner notes that celebrate all the people involved creating the music we love!!! ❤️ 💕 💗 💖 


For many different albums, across diverse genres and styles, an option of writing about an album's intention, instrumentation, orchestration and not least the artistic process of writing and recording would be a very positive add-on to a serious streaming actor as Spotify. It has been discussed for many years already, and I cannot honestly see any cons at all, since it would be completely voluntary not to use it. To those who would like to know who plays what, the reason for including the tuba in this metal production, which poem is read over the fretless guitar and so forth and so on, it would be a very welcome function.