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These days that vinyl albums have made a return, I guess that so have album notes, i.e. a description or narrative, along with artist credits, published with the physical disc or CD. Could these be included in Spotify? 


This subject has not been brought up for about 5 years, but I wonder if, now, it would be technically easier to achieve.


I appreciate the album art, enjoy reading the artist biographies and I notice that individual track credits, though sparse, are now available. Perhaps it is time to take the accompanying narrative to the music a step further?


The sort of things typically covered, in addition to composition credits, are names of the individual musicians, song lyrics and additional writing by, or approved by, the artist. Extracts from the Dob Dylan album Desire attached.


Updated on 2021-03-23

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why not add more information about the album, for example, about who participated in the recording and a small overview of the album itself, as well as the genre and what kind of album it is, in general, you understand me, in my opinion it will not be superfluous in a service completely dedicated music