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I love the Discover Weekly playlist, it's one of the ways I discover some artists I might never have listened to before, however it could definitely be improved.


There's the option in the Discover Weekly playlist to remove a song that you don't like. I'd love to have an option to mark that an included song/artist was a good recommendation, a simple thumbs up option for both the song and one for the artist, in order to aid the machine learning process to give better recommendations in the future. The song thumbs up option would tell spotify I liked that specific song type/rythym and one for the artist letting spotify know I liked the broader spectrum of the artists overall style.


I'm unsure how the algorithm for discovery works, if it already tracks how many songs you listen to from one of the included artists, how quickly you skip others, whether it's basing the recommendations on similar wavelengths and bpms of songs you've already listened to in your library. With the change from old school adjustable radios to the preset playlists, Discover Weekly is my last vestige on Spotify to find new music and would love to see this feature expanded and become smarter, or to be more involved with the process!

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Updated on 2019-11-05

Hey, there! Thanks for submitting your idea here. However, I'm not sure about your idea, because your suggestions seem to be a feature that is already present on the app. Please, give us more information about what you're suggesting to make your idea more clear. 

And just in case, check out those screenshots below with what I think that seems to be your suggestion:

There is the heart button (on the left) and the dislike button (on the right)There is the heart button (on the left) and the dislike button (on the right)When you tap the dislike button, these questions appear to better understand what exactly you don't like.When you tap the dislike button, these questions appear to better understand what exactly you don't like.

So, keep us posted about your idea. We'd love to hear more about it! 


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Hi Hezorg, 


Thanks for the response, although I'm familiar with the current functionality, including the option you screenshotted that let's you dislike a recommendation. I'm more interested in the other end of the spectrum, and as far as I can tell, if you do the heart it just saves that song to your library, but from what I can tell, nothing else is done beyond that. I'm looking for more depth of feedback to the Discover Weekly playlist recommendations. 


I'm sure you've experienced that not every song you listen to is as simple as 'I didn't like this song (downvote)', or 'wow I really loved this song, let me save it to my library!'. Sometimes you listen to a song, get intrigued by the sound, so you listen to more of the same artist, and then you dive down a rabbit hole of similar artists to find more things like it. In cases like that, maybe I didn't love the specific song enough to save it, but want to provide feedback that the recommendation was great, hence looking for an option to 'thumbs up' or give a positive feedback for the recommendation. 


Thanks for the time and consideration,


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Hey @Allenmb,


Thanks for getting back to us and clarifying your idea 🙂

A similar idea has been suggested here - make sure to add your vote to it!

More information on how the Idea Exchange works can be found here.


Thanks! Stay awesome 🙂

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