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There are certain playlists and artists I listen to frequently on Spotify for activities that aren't specifically just listening to music - I have a gym playlist that has generic instrumental rock, and I have a playlist with vocal exercises from Drill Music Studio.


Unfortunately due to the frequency of listening, these have appeared at the top of my end-of-year wrap-up playlists, and I will need to sort through and exclude these songs to find the songs I actually listened to for pleasure during the year.


Is there a way to exclude certain artists, songs or playlists from counting towards listening totals? I'd appreciate using this to ensure the Spotify Wrapped playlists have an accurate reflection of the songs and artists I discovered during the year, and what some of my favourite songs were.


This was first suggested by user maxjam on an earlier ticket (Spotify Wrapped Customization (4626570)), and I think it is worth bringing up again to review.

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I would love this! Last year I had a genre I was not really proud of showing up in my Wrapped, so I didn’t really want to share my Wrapped data because of that.


Sometimes I listen to music and I wanted that to be private to me and my friends who follow me on Spotify, but some of the fun of Spotify is using Wrapped and sharing.


I can’t just do a private session either, because I listen to a lot on Alexa and I’m told that that functionality is not supported their. 


My Spotify Wrapped was completely dominated by the playlist I use daily for my toddler's bedtime, so it was utterly useless to me. 

Adding a checkbox to playlists that would exclude all songs on that list from being used for recommendations and Spotify Wrapped would be really helpful.


Today I checked my personal  seasonal song playlist for 2020 generated by spotify and found only a few real songs among lots of children’s radio play episodes my son listened to. I was very disappointed because I have greatly appreciated this feature in recent years. I would very much like only real songs to be included in personal seasonal playlists and no play episodes or podcasts.


I use Spotify every night to listen to rain playlist as white noise for sleep. However, this means that my top songs and artists are always rain sound ones - so lame! I would love to be able to exclude them from my Wrapped and actually get to analyze the actual music I listened to


I would love this. I listen to thunder sounds for sleep every night  and it completely messed up my Wrapped. I’d go as far to suggest that there should be an option on each playlist in the settings that specifically gives us the option to not have this music added to our unique algorithm period. I’ve had Spotify Premium for 10 years (I think? Idk it’s my longest relationship.) and this is very important to me. 


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I have a custom LoFi playlist that I listen to a lot while I program. I find that this severely skews my suggestions, Discovery Weekly, and Spotify Wrapped. I am very interested in being recommended songs and artists that are not related to LoFi and Chillhop. I am sure I am not the only one with this problem. Seems like a cool problem to solve. 😄


I can imagine a playlist setting for: "Don't Build Recommendations off of plays from this Playlist".


I have certain playlists which don't represent my general music taste. One is for working out, one is ambient music while at work, one is instrumentals for reading and studying, and one I listen to when I sleep every night.


My Spotify wrapped each year is just a compilation of these playlists, especially my sleeping playlist, rather than an actual representation of my music taste for the year, and it's sad not to be able to participate the way other users are due to this.


It almost has me subscribing to Apple or Amazon music just to have a separate place to put these playlists so they don't influence Wrapped and suggestions on Spotify.


My idea is to allow an option to exclude certain playlists from Spotify Wrapped algorithms, by making it so that if I listen to that playlist it doesn't count towards overall listening hours for the song or artist.

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