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This is a re-posting of the original idea posed by cphilippsen in 03.2017.


The discover weekly and Release Radar are broken. I liked several cover songs and now it seems like upwards of 50% of the songs recommended for me are low-quality or poorly-executed covers I have no interest in whatsoever. If the discover playlists are only updated once a week, It is a disservice to everyone to have to deal with these unwanted covers. 

The idea for implementation is as simple as "Only allow original music" toggle switch. Unfortunately, this would take another layer of data for all songs. Another idea would be as easy as blacklisting songs containing the phrase "cover".

Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

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Your idea was submitted a while ago and unfortunately didn't receive the amount of kudos needed to stay active in the ideas board (100 Kudos per year). 

In order to keep the Ideas Exchange clearer I'll close this idea for now, but this doesn't mean Spotify rejected this idea.

If you think this is an idea which needs to be implemented, you're welcome to post it in slightly different again :)


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Marked as new idea, which is a repost of this inactive idea.


In the meantime, you could take a pro-active position and be diligent about "thumbs down"ing all of the covers. I feel like my discover weekly is pretty responsive to thumbs downs's.


I need this so much. It's really frustrating to that 50% of the songs by not-knowns artists suggested are covers. If I'm going to discover a new band, I want to listen to they original songs!


Soooooo agree with this! Pleas ad this function.

Although I love Spotify Weekly I must admit that all the cover tracks have started to annoy me quite a bit. That's the opposite of the songs I want to hear and I have the feeling it's increasing.

A settings option to clear or block cover tracks from Discover Weekly would totaly solve the problem!


This idea keeps getting closed, then reposted, then closed. All with the reasoning that it doesn't receive enough votes/comments to keep it going however when speaking with other spotify users there is a strong distaste for covers. 

It would be a shame to think that Spotify doesn't want to pay the original artists for their songs and uses these covers as a way to get around doing that.


It's time to stop waiting and watching and react please. 



These covers are so annoying. Im not a fan of steeldrumband covers of 50 cents **bleep**. more so, not a fan of either on its own anyway!


my discover weekly and the saved playlist that i keep from it is filled more and more with alternate music style covers of famous songs, uff..


Makes me feel that someone at the spotify office just takes a giggle off of these weird fusion jazz african steeldrum falsely recorded cover songs of already **bleep**ty pop songs that were hard enough to listen to in their original form.


fixits please mr speutifaai!!!




Usually if I like a song, I don't need to hear a cover of it without actively doing it. If I like the song I'll listen to the original and often superior version of it. So yeah this idea would be a great thing to have, especially since Spotify seems to think that liking and following artists from Japan mean that you want every shitty cover of every anime translated in English in discovery. 

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@bearcat42 wrote:

In the meantime, you could take a pro-active position and be diligent about "thumbs down"ing all of the covers. I feel like my discover weekly is pretty responsive to thumbs downs's.


I've started doing my part!


I'm deleting all covers from my Discover Weekly and this leaves it a very empty playlist indeed.
I really don't think it would be so difficult to exclude or at least diminish the amount of covers. The engine should recommend on the basis of lots of parameters, as I suppose it does, but NOT on the basis of the song name, or better still: de-select songs from the list that have exactly the same names as songs already in the library.

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**bleep** YES. Not just the Discover playlists but that "You've got great taste!" smart playlist does this too. I even ended up with the original version of a song right next to a shitty cover. I thumbs down anything on Radio like this, at least you can say "I don't like this artist" in Discover I suppose...

Spotify, please stop putting covers and karaoke versions in Discover, Radio and 'smart' playlists.