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I've been using Spotify four about five or six years, and while I really enjoy it, the interface is starting to feel more intrusive and less like my music library. On applications that were not subscription-based, such as Windows Media Player and iTunes, one did not receive suggestions popping up while scrolling through one's music. Now, I feel like I'm often receiving sudden pop-ups for musicians, usually ones that I don't listen to, while I'm browsing through my music. Even if it was a musician I like, I would not want this feature. It feels intrusive and more like I'm being sold something. I don't mind suggestions being there in the home menu. That gives me the option to look if I want without it being pushed on me. Pop-ups, however, are too aggressive.


Some might argue that the company needs to make a profit as well, and while that is true, I'm a premium member. I pay the monthly fee so that I don't have to listen to advertisements. While these pop-ups don't show up in between songs, and while they are instead sponsored by Spotify and not some other company, they are, at the end of the day, advertisements. They're meant to sway you in to listening to an artist. 


By removing pop-up suggestions, Spotify would be less intrusive and more like a personal music library. 

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@ivanismylife wrote:

I'm a premium member. I pay the monthly fee so that I don't have to listen to advertisements

Completely agreed. I'm a little amazed given that it can trigger mid scroll that this was created and approved in the first place. While Google Play Music had it's faults, I never felt like they were actively disrespecting me as a user while using the app. I hope that the marketing leads at Spotify consider the negative impact of "features" like this in the future.


Give me a discount if you wanna advertise to me. 


When I switch between online and offline modes as a premium subscriber sometimes I will see multiple playlist pop up advertisements in less than a minute. It’s truly intrusive, please fix this bug. 


I totally agree with this and would like to see my future Spotify experience be free of in-app pop-up ads.


From the point of view of a Spotify Content Marketing employee, I can see how this feature would seem necessary to reach out to the audience and inform them about Spotify-created content. It is also quite possible that there are some Spotify users who aren't against these pop-up ads. 


Might I recommend a compromise of just making a settings toggle option that allows users to turn off in-app notifications?


Completely agree. Unfortunately most of these pop ups are for podcasts. I wouldn’t mind if it was for new music from artists I follow(however artists should not have to pay for this!), but not for podcasts. At this point Spotify has become too focused on podcasts and it’s taking away from the music experience. I really wish they’d keep the two separate. 





I am unsatisfied with my premium user experience, because I have unchecked everything possible regard notifications and banners, but I am still receiving promotions I do not want any part in. I only want to listen to music in peace. I do not desire to be so frequently interrupted.


I've just about had it with Spotify. I bet they call this a "Feature"... Yeah feature for you to advertise to premium users!


And now they are selling merch to premium users.  Ending my subscription now after being premium 7+ years



Dear Spotify,

Attached are screenshots of ads I received today. Why are premium
users who have unchecked all notifications in their settings still
seeing ads? Are the increasing charges of deceptive practices by
Spotify not worthy of a substantive rebuttal?

I continue to struggle to see the ethical reasoning of Spotify's
inaction on this matter. This community board demonstrates a growing
base of unsatisfied premium users who have done everything they can to
stop receiving ads.