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I've been using Spotify four about five or six years, and while I really enjoy it, the interface is starting to feel more intrusive and less like my music library. On applications that were not subscription-based, such as Windows Media Player and iTunes, one did not receive suggestions popping up while scrolling through one's music. Now, I feel like I'm often receiving sudden pop-ups for musicians, usually ones that I don't listen to, while I'm browsing through my music. Even if it was a musician I like, I would not want this feature. It feels intrusive and more like I'm being sold something. I don't mind suggestions being there in the home menu. That gives me the option to look if I want without it being pushed on me. Pop-ups, however, are too aggressive.


Some might argue that the company needs to make a profit as well, and while that is true, I'm a premium member. I pay the monthly fee so that I don't have to listen to advertisements. While these pop-ups don't show up in between songs, and while they are instead sponsored by Spotify and not some other company, they are, at the end of the day, advertisements. They're meant to sway you in to listening to an artist. 


By removing pop-up suggestions, Spotify would be less intrusive and more like a personal music library. 

Updated on 2022-01-21

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Thanks for your comprehension! 


Agree with all of the above posts. This "feature" is awful. I'm also now seeing a ton of podcast suggestions on my homepage (ios, iphone 11, ver., premium) despite having rarely listened to them on this platform. A small inconvenience I suppose, but it seems in line with the larger problem of having content pushed on a paid subscription. 


i am getting sick of these it almost caused me 2 reck 2day. If i get any more ill cancle my premium i dont pay for this.


Well written. I made a duplicate post that was a bit more aggressive than yours.


Aren't 34 votes enough for Spotify to do something about it!? 😞 I am getting sick and tired of it actually.


I added my vote. However I doubt Spotify will listed to us. Maybe it is time to migrate to a less intrusive streaming music service.


completely agree on this. 
on opening Spotify today i received this advert.
Completely irrelevant based on the artists i listen to, so i'm paying to be advertised rubbish to. 




Agree as well. Ads of any type are unacceptable for a paid premium subscription that touts no ads. Spotify must remove these and any other ads from the paid premium subscription. I can see this idea has been around for months with no traction. I plan on cancelling my subscription and deleting Spotify forever by Feb 2021 if there are still advertisements displayed to me. Knock knock Spotify, you're going to lose many long paying customers because you're trying to squeeze another drop.


This needs to be fixed we do not pay for adds!

  • I just got a pop up suggesting I try making playlists. Seriously? This is ridiculous, I'm looking into switching to Tidal.

So glad to have found this thread, I thought that I was the only one annoyed by this practice. Premium services should have addverts and pop-up type features turned off, period. Of course it can be a setting, but if I pay so I do not have to endure advertising, that means I want to be left alone. 


These practices are ruining the customer experience, don’t these execs want to deliver a good experience?


“Suggested content” is still an ad. I don’t think anyone really enjoys full screen pop ups that intrude on the experience.