[All Platforms] Get rid of the 3333 offline Song Limit

I've got a 64GB iPod Touch and can only use half of it.

Updated on 2018-02-07

Hi everyone, we're marking this idea as Case Closed as it's had the 'Not Right Now' status since 2012. We don't plan on getting rid of the 3,333 track limit per device at the moment. Of course should this change we will make an announcement via our News section here: https://news.spotify.com/


Thanks for your understanding everyone.

Spotify Legend

All the music in the Spotify catalogue is licensed to us. Spotify has agreements with the respective rights holders (record companies and collecting societies, and ultimately artists and composers). This music is precious to them, as it is their source of income. There are a number of restrictions on how the music can be used, and by whom. For instance, high bitrate, offline mode, and mobile streaming are restricted to Premium subscribers. The limit on the number of tracks that can be synced on a device is another of these restrictions that we are bound to, in order to honour our licensing agreements.

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MOG has unlimited downloads.  Why can't Spotify?  I also have a 64 GB iphone and am a voracious music hound.  I'm sticking with MOG.


Joot29 - Because of licencing agreements. Jude outlines it above.


Only 17 kudos? ok... operation social broadcast started.


This definitely needs to be changed, more kudos much needed.

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That's the reason i've downgraded my subscription to Unlimited ,(and the (still?) **bleep**ty Android app at the time ...)

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 Ehrmagerd, I've just discovered this infernal limit on my Kindle Fire HD 4G (64GB).


Come on, Spotify. Rdio and Google Play Music All Access do NOT have this silly limit!


Only need 11 kudos to proceed expand these limit, come on people!! Register and vote!!

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9 more needed please.  I would very much like to see this challenged.