[All Platforms][Music] Album Shuffle Function

Spotify should implement a shuffle album function.


The path for shuffling all songs is currently Your Music > Songs > Shuffle Play. The only difference for the paths would need to be swapping Songs for Album (or Playlist or Artist, or however this could be expanded). 


I really like listening to music, sometimes I enjoy the song shuffle feature, but usually it's too erratic for me. One minute it's hardcore, the next is some americana rock, the next is some sad singer songwriter, then on to hair metal... you get the picture. What would be nice would be an album shuffle feature. Let me listen to 15 hardcore songs in a row by the same artist, then onto an album of Americana rock, then maybe I want to skip the depressing singer/songwriter that's up next, so I do.


I've always thought it would be an awesome feature to have and hopefully some other folks do too.


Updated: 2015-07-14

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