[All Platforms][Music] Get rid of the 3,333 offline song limit

This really shouldn't be a limit! Previous Idea from 2012 was closed ...

Updated on 2018-02-14

Hi and thanks for your contribution! As you mention, this idea has already been suggested here:

As explained by staff, it has been discussed within Spotify and it has sadly been decided that this idea will not be implemented any time soon. However, Spotify will revisit those suggestions from time to time, so hopefully it will be implemented in the future. 


Fantastic idea


I'm against limitations unless a solid explanation is presented.

You have my vote.


Will also post some comments from the original idea posted by @TurboTom here
from @jc0v
"Please change this. It's very frustrating and I am looking at using a different service to get around this."
also form @jc0v
"Crumpet Wednesday,

I have just switched to Google Play as it doesn't have this limit and you can easily upload your own songs to fill any gaps in the catalogue. I won't be back until Spotify lifts this restriction..."

from @keensyntax
"I just started a Google Play trial myself with plans to cancel Spotify. 3,333 is simply not enough. I've been using Spotify for years but my new phone has 64GB of memory and very little data plan limit. Perhaps one day if spotify 'renegotiates' their contracts to match up with every other music provider out there I'l consider switching back."

from the Rock Star @JCdotnl on the 12th December of 2014
"Does making new Playlist not help?

I know it's annoying but they wil fix it asap! Spotify listens to the community guys"


2 from @nabnut"Just ran into the 3333 offline songs limit after buying a brand new 128GB microSD card especially for Spotify... feeling a bit ripped off here.

 I've been a premium member since 2009 but now I'm seriously considering switching to another service."


"Okay so yesterday I found the best workaround so far... :

1) Subscribe to a Deezer Premium+ account

2) Import all your tracks & playlists using Spotizr

3) Download the app on your smartphone and switch on synchronization

4) Cancel your Spotify subscription

5) Enjoy unrestricted offline music :)"

will post more from the old thread periodically


Please I have very bad service from sprint and i also do long 8 hour drives so i have to have most of my music downloaded. I can’t download anymore without getting rid of others and it’s extremely frustrating. 


This is literaly the only reason i stopped using spotify.


This is literaly the only reason I stopped using spotify. 


This definitely needs to be changed. 

Not applicable

Do this.


Voted. They don't care, but still... voted.