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so there has been a few times that i plugged my phone to my speakers, played one of my playlists and went to sleep.


i have three phones all set to alarm at a specific time. the problem is, when the alarms go off, it is drowned by the music that is playing or, my brain was not able to distinguish the alarm from the music, thus, i did not wake up.


so may i suggest that we are able to set for how long spotify plays before it automatically stops.


example, i set spotify to play for two hours. i play my playlist, go to sleep and then after two hours, it stops playing (i am asleep anyway) and that way, when the alarms go off, all i hear would be the alarms.


what do you think guys?

Updated: 2015-07-27

Hi, a similar idea has also been suggested here:

While it's been marked 'Not Right Now', Spotify staff periodically reviews these ideas and may choose to implement it in the future. Add your kudos and comments there please!

Status: Duplicate

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