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[All Platforms] No Ads in Podcasts for Spotify Premium users

Status: Case Closed

I pay for my subscription. Every month for years now. The main reason I am a paid-for subscriber with Spotify is so I don't have to hear ads. As I have shifted my podcast listening from other providers to Spotify to bypass ads, both from the platform as well as integrated into the content.


I expect not to hear ads on Spotify. I understand there are ads woven into the actual content of the podcast itself, but for as big of a company and the amount of leverage Spotify has, I expect to not hear ads so long as I am paying for the service.


I reached out to Spotify and got this lazy, generic answer from Joy in Spotify Customer Support: “if you're hearing ads on podcasts using this Premium account. It's possible that the podcaster integrated that ads to their podcast content”. Thanks for breaking your back on that response.


I KNOW what the ads I’m hearing are. And I understand they can’t ask podcasters to export two versions, one with integrated ads and one without. What I expect from Spotify is to either implement metadata that tags the beginning and ending of ad segments and bypass them for us, Premium subscribers, or require podcasters to give metadata timecodes that Spotify can identify to bypass them AUTOMATICALLY.


Just to be clear, even if these identifiers are put into the content, I don’t want to have to pull my phone out to hit any sort of “skip ads” button. This is literally the ONLY reason users have Premium. So get rid of the ads. It’s actually very simple. And let’s not get started on how archaic it is to continually hit the “15sec forward” button to bypass the ads, first over shooting, then undershooting the duration of the integrated ad, only to have to make peace with hearing the last ten seconds of the ad. At that point it’s not servicing either party in the transaction.


It’s 2020. You are a huge company with a lot of leverage and a huge developer budget. I honestly can’t believe I’m even having to write this suggestion.


tl:dr - Spotify, I am a Premium member. You made a promise to me that if I became a Premium member, I wouldn’t hear ads. I’m hearing ads on podcasts. Integrated or not, I don’t care. You have the technology and power to fix it. So fix it. And make it automatic. It’s 2020.

Updated on 2021-02-08

Hello everyone,


This Idea has been brought to our attention as it recently passed the 500 votes threshold but we have to close it since it requests something that can't be influenced in the context of the Idea Exchange.


The Ideas section provides users with the opportunity to share their opinion on what features and app improvements can be developed, to make Spotify better. This idea however, in it's core fundamentals, requires to change how the Premium subscription works and what opportunities Spotify offers to Podcast creators. 


As part of the Premium subscription, all music can be enjoyed ad-free. And while Spotify doesn’t play ads that interrupt the music listening experience of Premium subscribers, some podcasts may include advertising, host-read endorsements, or sponsorship independently of the streaming platforms featuring such podcasts.


Providing a way to circumvent those is not something that our Idea submission process can accomplish.


This doesn't mean that your feedback isn't heard and that this request couldn't be fulfilled by some other means in the future. On the contrary, this is being monitored and we invite everyone to share their opinion in a constructive manner. We will then ensure to pass it on to the relevant teams.


Please do note, that we do understand the overall sentiment and if the thread stops being useful as a source to track constructive feedback, we will need to close it for further replies.


All the best!

I have Spotify family and am getting random ads in my podcasts - these would be ads targeted to my region eg bank and mortgage ads - they play along with the podcast so I can not screenshot.

Any help would be appreciated as this is a bit annoying 🙂

Ads are included to podcast by creator, nothing one can do.

Not true. Ads are also dynamically injected by Spotify. That's why the metadata, volume, and now playing changes.

We pay money for no ads.

Eliminen los anuncios en podcasts. Por favor!. Que sentido tiene pagar premium si constantemente me atacan con anuncios. 


This post is from 2020! We are in 2022 and the problem persists, how much longer will we have to put up with this? or better please make it clear that you will never solve it and do not post false advertising because I pay for NOT TO LISTEN ADVERTISING on Spotify, which includes podcasts.


This is an essential topic!


Please stop adds in podcasts for premium accounts! They're unacceptable.


Please find a way to compensate creators for automatic skipping of adds they are reading, and allow me to automatically skip those adds.


Kind regards,

Customer who is STILL paying for this service and may stop it.


I use premium for years. Why? - Because of no ads. Even when prices were increased. If I will keep hearing ads during podcasts I will move to another music service which keeps their promise.


I have been having ads that ARE seperate from the podcast. They have their own clips, and it even says "advertisement from ---". These are not embedded into the show, they are seperate. I had three seperate advertisements that played before my show started. I pay for premium, and I have for years.

What gives?


This **bleep**. Your marketing conveyed the understanding that I'll have an ad-free experience if I pay for Spotify Premium, yet here I am, having to listen to several annoying (and externally injected by Spotify, btw; don't try suggesting they aren't) ads during each podcast. And as listening to podcasts is what I mainly do, this is driving me nuts.