[All Platforms][Other] Google Nest Mini offer in other countries

Right now, Spotify is working with Google and if you have a premium individual or family account, you get a free Google Nest Mini. However, this offer is only available in the US. It should be available elsewhere because we all pay a similar price (Slightly more in the UK and Europe) but only US customers get the benefit, all of the customers should be treated equally. 

Updated on 2021-05-20

According to the Idea Exchange Guidelines, changes to pricing, subscriptions, or the content available are specific to each market around the world, and they can’t be influenced by idea submissions. For more information, check out the Guidelines here.

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Updated on 2019-10-24

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Spotify should have the option to change the position of songs in the playlist. I usually dont like to create a lot of playlists. I Just want to move the ones i'm listening more on the moment to the top of the list.


Victor, you are able to do this now. If you change the order of your playlist to custom order, then press the 3 dots in the top right (on mobile) there should be an option to edit. If you go on this option you will see all of your songs with a minus on one side and the 3 lines on the other. If you drag the 3 lines up or down it will change where the song is in your playlist.


I have sent to Spotify the exact same question related to why do they promote this campaign globally but only made this available to specific countries. They have not responded yet to my inquiry. 😞


Is there a reason it says that it will take a month for me to get my mini? I am starting to believe this is a spam.


yay ! its me again. theres 166 votes now. maybe should make it globally now :P:P


Deleting previous comment as it was in haste.


The free Google Mini Home should be available to ALL Spotify customers that are eligible! It should not matter what Country I live in....I'm still paying the bill for the monthly amount that is required for my Country I reside in. If Spotify offers a free item to a specific country, we should have a similar offer as well.



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