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The "genius" feature constantly shows some background of how the lyrics came to be. I just want to read the lyrics without reading stuff I don't care about.

Updated on 2020-10-09

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We're closing this one out as duplicate, but we've made sure to transfer over all the votes gathered here to the original idea 🙂

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Updated on 2020-07-14

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When you implement it, please allow to view the full lyrics while playing or browsing.

Right now if the lyrics have synchronization the desktop application tries to follow the song but most of them are just not synchronized, and there's no way to just view the full lyrics.


Yes, I love this idea! I am using Amazon Music for free and I can see the lyrics while listening to Music. I think this should be implanted on all mobile devices. I hope they do.

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It already exists but it is not everywere you will have to wait for your country.


This is a great idea - the "Behind The Lyrics" feature is unusual - it only allows a user to read the information (and lyrics) at certain key points in the song and on autoplay, meaning a user has to keep the window open for the entirety  of a song to get all the info - surely a better feature would allow users to read through at their own pace?

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Put your hand in your pocket Spotify and make this feature a reality already.


A really simple yet massive quality of life change, with thousands of comments asking for the same thing across numerous forums and social sites for numerous years and almost no communication from spotify still...🤦‍♀️


Yes, I really agree on this idea. The ability to see only the lyrics while the song is being played would be really nice. Something like the Apple Music's lyrics display. But I'd rather this to be an option because it is sometimes interesting to see what's the meaning of/history behind a phrase or a word of the song while listening to it. I REALLY wish that Spotify would implement this feature!  


I live in the US and all of my international friends have the just-lyrics feature, but I'm still waiting! Please implement this feature for all users 🙂

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