[All Platforms][Other] Spotify available in Balkan Countries

Hi Spotify, 

Balkan music is gaining a lot of populairity nowadays. Major Balkan labels and artists are now uploading their music also on the Spotify platform, which a few years ago was not even thought of. 

It should be possible for people who live in balkan countries to use Spotify. This will be good for artists (increase of followings) and the listeners (so that they can enjoy music). 

Currently I have a playlist with 35.000+ followers ' Balkan Hitovi 2019 ', but balkan people living there cannot even listen to it. I would love to bring value to artists and listeners, therefore Spotify must be available in the Balkans !!!


If you are reading this, like this post so that spotify will take it into consideration!! 
Hajmo svi! 

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