[All Platforms][Partnership] Support the first Amendment for free speech

So I just received a email showing your letter you sent PragerU ending your relationship due to their content being offensive?! I personally watch these videos and they are far from offensive. Please consider supporting free speech and stop catering to one side. The only way to remain a free society is to protect all speech even if we do not agree with it. Just wait for the day you find yourself on the other side of the tracks.... please be a open platform for all ideas!

Updated on 2019-10-07

We appreciate your feedback, we will pass it on to the respective teams. For now we are marking this as Case Closed.

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My idea for you, OP, is to learn what the first amendment actually means

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If you were intelligent enought to read before posting you would see the title is "Support" the first Amendment. I understand Spotify can stiffle free speech on their platform as a private company. The purpose behind the post is for them to think about supporting the free expression of ideas, even ones they do not agree with on their platform. Read before posting please. 

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We observe Spotify's roaring silence, which can be translated into a 'f u'. It is fairly obvious that as long as we are few they will kow-tow to the powers of evil, thinking that makes for greater income.

Certainly that's what it appears. You nailed it!

I have stopped using Spotify beause of this policy. 


Will Spotify also start denying campaign ads for policial candidates that they dont support? 

Will Spotify attempt to censure religious and ethnic groups that they disagree with?   

Will Spotify comment on this policy?  If so, will Spotify comment on their decison to support groups like the SPLC but censure groups like Prager?   


Adios Spotify. 

Great post!

I've been trying to connect with them for 2 weeks on this policy and NOTHING. I don't think they care that they are aligned with such groups as the Southern Poverty Law Center. I'm giving them the weekend and then canceling my premium membership on Monday.

Yeah, SPLC is a real joke, and Spotify by their silence isn't far behind. I have removed them from my TV and phones until this gets cleared up
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Music is about EXPRESSION 

spotify seemingly only wants you to express certain things



They haven’t banned The Alex Jones Prison Planet yet! Well, sort of ;)




Oh wait... lol